In "Sustainable" Oregon: 
Property rights and gardens

Commentary by Rodney R. Stubbs

from eco-logic, June 1, 2002

Voters in Salem, Oregon began the process of taking control of their destiny through the ballot box. In landslide victories for Mayor and City Council seats, the pendulum began to swing from the liberal left, representing the socialist United Nations Sustainable Development/Smart Growth agenda, to an agenda that respects property rights and the Capitalist American Free Enterprise system. No where in America was the campaign on these issues more glaring than in the State of Oregon's Capital.

The President of the Salem City Council and former President of the Oregon Socialist Party, and his philosophy was exposed during the campaign and Americans responded accordingly. In the Mayor's race the hand-picked "boy" of the liberal left was defeated after hot debates focused on "Growth and pro-business" vs "No Growth and anti-business" campaigning. During the tenure of the liberal left, every conceivable tax and fee, ranging from taxing the impervious surface (blacktop and roofs) areas of businesses, to landscaping, was up for consideration.

The Council took steps to restrict the size of gardens and levied heavy fines ($1,000 per day, per violation) for washing your car in the street, to deputizing citizens to spy on citizens in the area of code enforcement. The battle is far from over. The liberal leftists will remain in power for six more long months when more innovative ordinances to implement their schemes of centralized government continue to be put on the books.

A message to all those in America: remember, all politics are local. Destroy the liberal leftist at home, and your message will be heard by those who dare to run for elected office. Fight this battle in every city council and county commissioner level, and send a loud and clear message to those who dare to destroy our nation from terrorists attacking our people, or saboteurs (lawyers) who attempt to take away our freedom one word at a time. The time is now to attack and eliminate, through the ballot box, those who fail to uphold property rights that is the foundation of the American capitalist, free-enterprise system of democracy.

In Salem, Oregon, we studied the voting patterns of past elections and targeted the voters who were brainwashed into believing their vote did not count. In our own city we found enough people who truly believe in America, and motivated them to vote. You see these working stiffs every day driving up and down the street displaying the American flag, in their outward expression of support for our Nation. Though Oregon's voter turnout was low; Salem voters were motivated above the average turnout for a primary election. There are lessons to be learned from this campaign that I will be willing to share with all those who care.

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