Natural Order of Things: The theory of evolution leaves more questions than answers

By:  Keith Allison, D.Dn.

© 4 June 2002 – All Rights Reserved

  When one considers the universe as a whole, and mankind as a singular entity within that realm, the uniqueness of man’s creation becomes the greatest of wonders to behold. A truly miraculous even occurs when a single egg is penetrated by one tiny sperm; the two become a single cell, and the creation of a human has begun. Such an event cannot take place between those of the same gender; it can only occur as a result of a union between a man and woman, male and female. Such is the natural order of things.

 In rapid succession, the one cell splits and becomes two, those split and become four, another split occurs, and that single cell becomes eight. The splitting continues until that one cell has become billions. Safely ensconced within the womb, the multitude of cells have the unique capacity to begin their specialized functions and develop into arms, legs, torso, organs, brain, sinew, bone, tissue and muscle; all, more often than not, in perfect order; and chromosomes determine the sex of this minute life form generally referred to as man. The fetus grows and takes the form of a human, a human with features so unique, as to distinguish itself from any other on earth. After nine months of growth, forming and developing into a human capable of living and functioning outside the shelter of the womb, birth occurs. Within a relatively short span of time, the infant becomes a child and with parental guidance and care, soon becomes an adult.

 The time each of us shall spend on this earth is pre-ordained by a higher Authority, and eventually our bodies and organs fall victim to the ravages of time and age. Those who trust in the belief of a Creator of man depart this world with the sure knowledge of His promise of their resurrection upon His return. This too is the natural order of things.


As in PSALM 19, OUR Creator has made our earthly abode a place of many wonders. He has provided us with an abundance of food, for nourishment, fire with which to warm ourselves, water to slake our thirst and the knowledge we need to protect ourselves from the elements. As our knowledge has grown, we emerged from the darkness of living in caves and erected cities of steel, concrete and glass. He gave us the beauty and products of the forests, mountains, deserts and plains, along with the ability to harvest His bounty from the seas, streams and lakes. He has given all of this and more; He has given us His love and protection. The beauty and functionality of nature is not per chance, there is studied structure, order and reasoning behind all we observe and partake; such is the natural order of things.

And yet, there is that element of mankind that sees His bounty as something that merely happened, an event they’ve labeled evolution. In this theory they say our ancestors were products of a primordial sea, amphibians that crawled from the sea and made the land their home. They claim we evolved from amphibians to apes, and then through various phases of man. They claim that because our bodies contain the same salinity as the sea, this is proof of our oceanic origins.

For all intents and purposes, supporters of this theory would have us believe that some mighty force reached into a primordial sea, scooped from the seabed a handful of mud and mire, flung it upon the land, and from this, man evolved.

If such theory were true, it does not provide structure, order, or reasoning for the abundance around us, or the variety of life forms we behold each day. Did all life forms spring from one or two ocean denizens, and then evolve into the cattle, sheep, deer, elk, horses, hares, birds, bears, dogs and cats, to name but a few? Or, during this split second in time when such an event might have occurred, did any number of creatures crawl forth from the sea and evolve into the various insects, vermin and serpents that also inhabit this land? Could such an event occur without a guiding force behind it, a force so powerful as to point the way for every living thing? My mind tells me this could not be; it does not appear to be a natural order of things.

For me, the theory of evolution leaves more questions than it answers, and does not appear to be the natural order of things. So until some greater mind than mine can bring order from the chaos left in the wake of this theory called evolution, I shall continue to believe the beginning of man lies in creation; creation by the hand of our Almighty Savior, God. Creation appears to be the natural order of things.


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