Author claims green movement has hidden agenda

Updated: Thursday, June 12, 2003 1:48 PM PDT

Siskiyou Daily News

MOUNT SHASTA, CA- The radical environmental movement is about political change not saving the environment, claims author and speaker Holly Swanson from Grants Pass, Ore.

Speaking to the Siskiyou Republican Women Federated meeting at the Mount Shasta Golf Resort on June 6, Swanson exposed what she believes is a communistic and socialistic political agenda disguised as an environmental movement.

"It's about politics, not science," Swanson said. "The goal of the Green movement is revolution from the top down. 'Sustainability,' one of the catch words, is communism with a face lift."

Swanson has documented her concerns in a book called "Set Up and Sold Out, Find Out What Green Really Means," now in its third printing.

Swanson said in the 1980s she was actively involved as an environmentalist. While seeking to learn more about the movement, she came across some startling discoveries concerning its political agenda.

"I went to a conference to gather information about environmental concerns and began to hear rhetoric and see written material about what the Green Party needs to do politically to affect social change in America," Swanson said. "I said this is socialism and can't happen here, but the more I looked into it, the more I discovered it is happening."

After doing extensive research on the subject, in 1995 Swanson published her book exposing the political agenda of the Green movement.

"We must make a distinction between Green politics and environmental concerns," she said. "I still have environmental concerns but the goal of the Green Party is political, not environmental. The leaders of the party want to change America and are using any means to achieve those goals."

Swanson said one of the means used by the Green Party is the blatant fabrication of misinformation disguised as scientific fact designed to emotionally pull people into embracing the ideology. She told the Republican women that repeating something over and over again does not make it true, but people tend to believe what they repeatedly hear.

As an example, she quoted an article in the December 2002 Intellectual Activist by Keith Lockitch that exposed the often quoted statistics that species are vanishing at the rate of 40,000 per year.

"The 40,000 number turns out to be pure fiction, invented by acclaimed environmentalist Norman Myers in his 1979 book The Sinking Ark," Lockitch's article states. "To environmentalists, their desire to 'save the planet' from human activity supersedes any concern for the facts and they have no compunction about inventing the imaginary threats from which it supposedly needs to be saved."

The article goes on to state that although the inventor of the imaginary 40,000 number has admitted that it is fabricated, the Green Party still uses it in recruiting young people to its ideologies.

Besides the claim of the Green Party's scientific deception for political purposes, Swanson expressed her concern about Green politics in the public school system. She said environmental education and Earth Day in particular, are being used to "pressure little children to adopt the Greens political views."

To battle this trend, Swanson started a group called Operation Green Out "to get Green politics out of schools and out in the open. We can't trust the Greens," she said.

Operation Green Out can be reached by calling (800) 684-1992 or on the Internet at

Swanson said most Americans do not know the political agenda of the Green Party because it is not disclosed to the public. She claimed that the Green Party uses environmentalism as the emotional hook to draw people into the support of actions that advance the socialistic and communistic agenda.

Describing that agenda, Swanson said, "Capitalism is the control of production and distribution by individuals while socialism gives that control to the government. Communism, as defined by Carl Marx, is the abolition of private property."

Swanson said it was no surprise to her that in 1998 the Socialist and Green political parties in Oregon merged. "They have the same goals."

"We live in a republic," she said. "The principles of our nation are being eroded by the undisclosed political agenda of the Green Party."

A hint of those agendas has emerged in Northern California and Southern Oregon in the Klamath Basin water crisis and most recently the coho salmon issue, she said.

"We saw the cut-off of water to farmers in the Klamath Basin when the science was not there to support the decision," she said. "We also witnessed the falsification of information with the Lynx hairs to support a political ideology. There are people in government who use their positions of influence to advance this agenda."

"We all want clean air and water but we must get the facts first and insist on sound science and accountability to achieve those goals," she said. "Scare tactics are being used on children in schools who are told that man has despoiled all the air and water. The truth is, the EPA reports that our air is cleaner now than it was 30 years ago."

Swanson said the Green Party is about power and control, not saving the environment. She provided a list of tactics for the advancement of this goal, many of them patterned after those used by Hitler to win a nation over to his ideology.

"Hitler used children to build his Nazi ideology and change a nation," she said. "He started with children at the age of 8 to turn them into environmental activists."

"Earth Day is a vehicle used by the Green Party to work for political change by greening our children," she said. "The schools are turning our children into 'Earth Firsters.' Nationwide, they are after our children."

"We have good people who are buying into the Green movement and not understanding what it is," she said. "If we want to save our nation, we must start by saving our kids."

Providing a course of action, Swanson told the Republican Women that it is important for Americans to stand up for the American belief system and use common sense and sound science.

"The Greens and their tactics are intimidating, but if you stick to the basics of sound science you will win," she said. "Remember the foundations of your freedom and respect private property. Help get the truth and facts to people and expose the Green movement for what it is." - By John Diehm


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