What's in a Billion?

The word "billion" is not as unfathomable as it was in days past. We now know the world holds over five billion people. The countries of India and China have over one billion residents each.

Likewise, we have a feel for a billion dollars. There are are now several hundred billionaires alive today, we are told, and the government can spend a billion dollars with ease.

To help comprehend a billion dollars, consider: A stack of $1,000 bills one foot high is is a million dollars. A stack of $1,000 bills as high as the Empire State Building (approximately 1,350 feet) is a billion dollars.

In terms of time, one billion seconds is approximately 32 years.

One billion minutes takes us to the time of Christ.

One billion hours is about 115,000 years - beyond any true comprehension.

One billion days is nearly three million years.



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