Jim Beers to be on Clay Douglas Show Friday morning


by Julie Kay Smithson

Learn about 'Invasive Species,' the latest 'poster phrase' being slammed through Congress by the Dept. of Interior, hungry for a cash cow even more lucrative than the Endangered Species Act -- and a heckuv lot more dangerous to resource providers and American Freedom!

On Friday, 6 June

at 8AM Eastern Time

Jim Beers will be interviewed by Clayton Douglas for 1-2 hours.

Clay is on the internet at http://freeamerican.com/

WBCQ The Planet 9.30 & Truth Radio Networks

Satellite C Band galaxy 9, T-2 Audio 5.4 & 5.8.

Also on Shortwave WWCR 12.160 Nashville TN

WBCQ 9.330 Kennebunk ME.


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