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Senate Democrats continue gutting of I-601


OLYMPIA, WA —The Evergreen Freedom Foundation's Senior Budget Analyst Jason Mercier today released the following statement on the Senate's passage of SB 6896:

"Senate Democrats continued their assault on the people's spending limit by passing this bill. The message to taxpayers is clear: You have no right to tell lawmakers how much of your money they can spend."

"If the Senate wanted to set aside real savings, it should have transferred the funds to the protected I-601 emergency reserve account. Instead it 'saves' money to spend next budget but declares these 'savings' should count as expenditures to increase the spending limit. Isn't that the equivalent of spending the same dollar twice?"

"Only in Olympia is 'saving' money considered an expenditure and ignoring the voter-approved spending limit an 'emergency.'"

On March 17, a lawsuit concerning last session's I-601 games will be heard in Snohomish County Superior Court.

Additional Information
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Amendments of Note

  • 385 Zarelli: Failed 22-25 - Deletes two sections amending Initiative 601 and adjusting the state expenditure limit.

  • 386 Zarelli: Approved on voice vote - Eliminates the authority to increase taxes during the 2007 legislative session with a simple majority vote.

  • 387 Zarelli: Failed 22-25 - Strikes the emergency clause.

  • 388 Zarelli: Failed 22-25 - Makes the bill contingent on legislative and voter approval of Senate Joint Resolution 8222, which establishes in the state Constitution a Rainy Day Reserve Fund.
  • for more information, contact Jason Mercier, Evergreen Freedom Foundation


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