Are you required to install a meter on your private well?

Did You Know

   I have been hearing a lot of people make the statement they are required to install a meter on their private water wells.

   I did some research on this question and I found that:  RCW 90.03.360 indicates that every owner or manager of a reservoir for the storage of water shall construct and maintain any measuring device necessary to ascertain the natural flow into and out of said reservoir.

    At this point in time, the laws passed by our legislators are for measuring diversions of surface water from a reservoir. I cannot find anywhere that the legislators have passed a law requiring meters on private wells. 

   When in doubt about something that a government agent is telling you, you have to do, don't be coerced, manipulated or intimidated, ask the agent to supply you with a copy of the RCW (legislative law) that is being used for this regulatory action.  I am finding these agents are conveniently leaving out very important words when quoting the law.

Sharon Shumate

GOP Candidate

Ferry County Commissioner

District 2


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