County Commissioners resolve to ban reintroduction of grizzlies and wolves

WED 03.20.2002 22.36 PT
KOVE/KDLY - Lander, Wyoming

The Fremont County Commission voted unanimously on Tuesday in favor of 3 resolutions banning the introduction or reintroduction of grizzly bears, wolves, and other "undesirable" species into Fremont County. The commissioners also voted in favor of a resolution that rejects the planned implementation of food and game storage rules in the southern end of the Wind River Mountains that are scheduled to go into effect on April 1st.

The Lander City Council also passed resolutions to the same effect at their regular meeting on Tuesday. There were 125-150 citizens present during a presentation by the U.S. Forest Service at the Fremont County Commission meeting. That part of the meeting had to held in the courtroom to accommodate the crowd. A petition against the proposed food storage rules, containing 1,500 signatures, was presented to the representatives of the Forest Service, the Game and Fish Department and the Commission.

Residents were angry that the Forest Service decided to put the food storage rules into effect without any public input.



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