Flood on the Dungeness River - January 2002

Much damage was done to private property along the Dungeness River due to the inability of property owners to remove large woody debris and trees because of government regulations; the breach in the dike by the county above this site, and the inability of owners to deepen the channel because of government restrictions.

The reasoning behind the government regulations is supposedly to "save the 'wild' fish".  Wild fish have the same DNA as the fish hatchery fish, which are plentiful, but they are not counted in the equation.

A raging river now runs where a small creek used to flow - a breach in the dike upriver by the county is being investigated by several landowners as the cause.

The Dungeness River overflowed into Kinkade Creek and swelled to endanger homes and families.

Much of Jim Connel''s property was lost to the flood; here his gazebo sits precariously at the water's edge.



Photos by Lois Krafsky-Perry for Citizen Review Online
Jan. 2002

Connel's gazebo - once set back from the creek's edge, became engulfed by the "creek-turned-river" during the flood.