Response to Time story about implanted chip:

To the author of "Meet the Chipsons,"

You may have your chip or perhaps getting close to receiving it but I think you might be missing a couple of screws.  I think this because you insisted on drawing a sci-fi characterization "resistance is futile" regarding the progression of chip implementation in our culture.
Personally I don't think mandating people to receive a chip either passively (by making non-chippers 2nd class citizens) or actively (by beginning a campaign of forced compliance) would be very funny. This issue is not some movie, but rather, the reality of many citizens having legitimate reservations about being tracked like some whale pod or wolf pack. Chipping also represents another "chip" taken out of American freedom and individual rights lost when unfettered government, partnered with industrialists, seek to monitor and control citizens, lock up more public land, and overly regulate private property/water use.
For what its worth as I recall the "Borg" were mindless automatons that were devoid of self concept apart from the collective while purposefully disparaging and hostile toward others who had "self" and autonomy. Furthermore I also recall them not only being denounced by "Star Fleet Command" but ultimately defeated as well. 
Reader (repkap)

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