Restore the Spirit of America---Exposition and Rendezvous set for April 13th

People for the USA is joining upwards of 50 grassroots groups in presenting
Re-store the Spirit of America---Exposition and Rendezvous beginning at 12
noon, on April 13, 2002, at the Jackson County Expo in Central Point, Oregon
(near Medford).  This event will feature two concerts by Country/Western
star, Joe Diffie. The exposition portion of the event will feature booths
and speaking presentations hosted by the participating groups.

The event is intended to fulfill three "mission critical" functions for
organizations that have a stake in protecting private property rights and
multiple use of public lands.

_ The exposition will encourage people to look at natural resource policy as
being crucial to the continued well-being of this nation. Rather than as
isolated issues involving unrelated special interests, the controversies
raging around federal, state and local natural resource policy are part of a
national dilemma that requires the attention of all Americans.
_ The concert portion of the event is intended as a major fundraiser. It
will assist grassroots groups in their campaign against well-funded
organizations intent on agendas that run contrary to this nationšs ability
to provide food and raw materials as well as recreational access to public
_ Together, the exposition and concert portions of the event will provide an
opportunity for grass-roots volunteers and activists to come together to
have a good time and catch up on the latest activities of people working to
protect our national interests in public and private land management.

The theme of the event, Restore the Spirit of America, reflects the deep
respect the participating organizations have for the ideals for which this
nation stands. The principles of liberty, justice and self-government upon
which this nation was founded are as much an inspiration today as when the
Founders penned the Constitution.  And now, as then, they are the keys to
unlocking the power of the human spirit.

This will be a unique event that promises to break new ground in reaching
out to fellow Americans whose help we must have if we are to achieve sound
management of our nationšs resources. The atmosphere will be one of mutual
cooperation, respect and enjoyment, one that inspires confidence in the
American Spirit. And one that we hope will more frequently come to
characterize our nationšs approach to private property owners and the users
of public lands.

Thomas Jefferson said, "Whenever the people are well informed, they can be
trusted with their own government; that whenever things get so far wrong as
to attract their notice, they may be relied on to set them to rights."

Jefferson's birthday is the same day as Restore the Spirit of America, so
join us in celebrating the man and his faith in the American people!

We encourage all regional and national organizations to support this event.
Let us know and we will send you information on how to do this.

For more information contact:

Ric Costales (530) 468-2698 (email:, Larry Toelle (530)
468-2096 (email:, or Jerry Lehman (541) 482-4096

Visit our website at


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