UN taxation plan to get a hearing - President Bush will attend meeting

APC Center president calls for an end to "Virtual News Blackout" On United Nations Taxation Conference Next Week; Urges President to resist UN Global Government Plans

March 14, 2002
American Policy Center

Decrying the "virtual news blackout" on next week's UN conference to impose global taxes, Tom DeWeese, president of the American Policy Center, a think tank, has written to President Bush, urging him to resist all such plans.

"There has been a virtual news blackout concerning the boldest, most dangerous scheme to deprive the United States and all other nations of their sovereign rights, to take over the entire world's financial systems, to tax all energy sources, air transportation, and other aspects of the lives of the world's population," says DeWeese.

"This would be the foundation of a global government run by the United Nations", warns DeWeese. "With trillions of dollars in taxes, the UN will be free to ignore all nations, including the United States of America. The United States fought a Revolution to resist taxation without representation and the UNs plans will deal a death blow to our nation."

In a letter to President Bush, DeWeese says, "As the International Conference on Financing for Development meets in Monterrey, Mexico, (March 18-21) you will come under great pressure to support United Nations' schemes for global taxation. You are urged to vigorously resist them and condemn any plans for global taxation."

"You must soundly reject these proposals and instead promote successful American ideals that will allow other nations to build their own economic success," said DeWeese in his letter to the President.

"Rather than following American principles of private enterprise, private property rights and limited government to successfully achieve these goals, the UN proposals seek only to loot America's wealth in a Robin Hood-style theft; robbing from the rich to give to the poor."

DeWeese quoted UN Secretary General Kofi Annan's clearly announced intentions with regard to global taxation. In a report entitled Existing Proposals for Innovative Sources of Finance, "Annan outlined plans for global taxes on, among other things, international currency transactions, air line transportation, the internet, energy and natural resources."

"The United Nations has no claim to these sources of revenue; rather they are the products of private individuals, private companies or sovereign nations.

Only sovereign governments have the power to tax," said DeWeese. "The United Nations seeks to become a global government."

"Mr. President, you must not allow the UN to collect a single dollar of global taxes. For once begun, there will be no way to ever stop it. The United States is the most powerful force on earth. If our nation opposes these global tax schemes, then they will not become reality."


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