Letter to the Editor: A 'great plan for the shorelines' uses bogus science


To the Editor,

"A great plan for the shorelines," stated an article in the Wenatchee World Feb. 10. Do you feel safe with the head of the Association of Washington Business and Washington Environmental Council negotiating for the control of your property? I do not. Their idea of what is important and true probably in most instances does not agree with mine.

The idea that huge distances along the water ways is a must, is in most cases bogus science. Bogus science is used to control rural America. I live on the Methow River. National Marine Fisheries know that the salmon here are all hatchery fish. Yet we live in the fish bowl of the Endangered Species Act.

The land that my wife and I own was to be our retirement fund. These proposed shoreline rules will deny us 51 percent of our property. This is a taking, thanks to the "protection of public interest." This is not America, it is socialism. The rules state, "the states’ interest is more important than local interest."

In the interest of fairness we ask that people who believe in the Constitution please write or call their legislators and help stop the taking of private property for the benefit of the public without compensation.

Also support Senate Bill 5663, the formation of the 51st state.

John W. Umberger

Methow, WA
(From Methow Valley News)


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