Anti-wolf fund raiser held on March 1- commissioners, citizens rally to protect game herds against wolf reintroduction

by John Nelson
Central Idaho Anti-Wolf Coalition, Inc.
St. Maries Gazette Record


The Central Idaho Anti-Wolf Coalition Inc. Wants to thank all those that attend the Anti-Wolf Fund Raiser in Orofino. A special thanks to Dan Hammon, for advertising the Anti-wolf Fund Raiser, held in Orofino March 1. The ad ran in St. Maries Gazette Newspaper for two consecutive weeks. We also want to thank those of you that purchased tickets and were not able to attend. All proceeds will go towards what our organization stands for “dedicated to the preservation of our big game herds of Idaho.”

Bumper stickers “Save 100 Elk Kill A Wolf” were sold out, about 320 dinner tickets were purchased, approximately 350 attended. Some came for the presentation and auction, it was standing room only, “Packed House” extra tables and chairs were brought in to accommodate.

The fund raiser was a huge success. It was kicked off with guest speakers that included John Nelson who opened the show bringing great applause and laughter from the audience, followed by Ron Gillett, Chairman of the Central Idaho Anti-Wolf Coalition, Inc. who in his presentation nearly brought the packed house to their feet.

Idaho, Rep, District 35 Lenore Barrett, who said, “we cannot co-exist with wolves.”

Idaho County Commissioner Patricia Hologram, said Just say NO to the USFWS and take a hike out of Idaho, and let County Commissioners take care of their own wildlife.

Jon Walton has put together a great plan for county commissioners to follow and it’s working. Then Lois Van Hoover, who is a principal in Van Hoover, Inc., a Boise, Idaho-based governmental affairs and environmental consulting firm spoke.

The speakers were rewarded with the highest honor that anyone could receive, a standing ovation, we appreciated them, and they appreciated us; it was outstanding.

The Idaho Sport Show in Boise for two consecutive years, the Central Anti-Wolf Coalition, has had the most productive booth, Gillett said “we sold out of everything there too”.

People are demanding justice from the USFWS and our organization has taken a front seat on this issue and stepped up to the plate, we are preparing litigation against the USFWS for illegally dumping the Canadian Gray Wolves in Idaho.

When this was announced to the audience that we have brought in outside resources to aid in the legal battle, they responded with overwhelming cheers and applause. We are no longer going to sit at idle, taking a back seat on this issue while our wildlife are being wiped out, and the USFWS continue to make us jump through hoop after hoop, trying to get wolves delisted which will never happen, as we are seeing in Wyoming right now.

As our former president Ronald Regan once said, if not us, then who? If not now, when?

John Nelson

Central Idaho Anti-Wolf Coalition,Inc


Related commentary:

Reports that elk calves are plentiful are greatly exaggerated

"Herds are in good condition"

I find the comments of Biologist Dave Spicer contrary to common sense in Wednesday February 17, 2003, edition of the Gazette Record.

We are “real close to zero calf mortality”, he states, after flying over Units 6,7, and 9.

When do you think calf elk are born, Dave? May, June, possibly July? Elk that are wintering on the hillside above the river were born last May or June. They would be as large as a full-grown elk. None of the 2003 calf elk crop has arrived as yet. Even a biologist would have trouble telling a 9-month-old elk from a 2-year-old elk, especially at 1000 feet above from a helicopter.

While hunting the Joe last fall, I saw 30 to 40 head of elk in the period from October 1st to November 1st and I will tell you that I did not see one calf! A calf that time of year would be about 1/2 the size of a cow elk. I did not see any, even in 8-A around Potlatch. I suspect wolves are the culprits. Now; as to the statement,” the impact of predators on the herds in the Panhandle is not at significant levels”. Dave; tell me how many calf elk were checked through the check station on the Joe and the Coeur d Alene’s last fall. That will give a more accurate calf number per cow ratio.

After talking with Dave Spicer on the North Fork of the Joe in early February just before he went up to count elk from the helicopter, I asked him, “how many wolves or tracks have seen?” “None”, he said. Meanwhile elk and wolf tracks covered the whole road that he was driving down.

It may be advantageous for F&G personnel to get out of their 4x4’s and look around a bit before they make statements that are untrue or at least uninformed.

After all, these are the same people who told us that the winter kill in the winter of 1996/97 was “low” when in fact; they later confirmed at least 80% mortality in Unit Nine. It took them two years to figure that one out after many reports of large numbers of winterkills were spotted.

Dave, no information is always better than false or uninformed information.

Milt Turley

St. Maries


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