Citizen points to county commissioner's connection with development company interested in 'cluster housing'

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(This letter was written in response to an article in the Sequim Gazette. See below.)

February 26, 2003


In your 2/26/03 issue a column dealt with alleged conflict of interest on the part of Councilman Paul Mc Hugh. I really don't know much about that situation but since your established policy is to report on such things I call your attention to the following information:

In your article "The Pros and Cons of Cluster Housing" 2/26/03, I guess by way of establishing their expertise you identify Steve Tharinger as a Clallam County Commissioner and Dave Leroux as an "activist".

I wish to futher add to their credentials. Tharinger's public disclosure commission statement 2/5/00 identifies him as a 33% owner of GF Development, a for profit corporation, which he describes in the statement as a land development company. An internet search and telephone call to the WA Secretaryof State's Office disclose that Dave LeRoux and his wife Martha Rudersdorf are the other principals of this corporation. The records of the Secretary of State indicate that it was incorporated 12/09/98 a year before the 1999 commissioners election and that it is still active.

The expiration date is shown as 12/31/02, but state record keeping is often several months behind. Dave LeRoux as of 7/23/02 is described as the registered agent, project coordinator, newsletter editor and contact person of the Olympic Trails Coalition, which Steve Tharinger's wife Yvonne Yakota is a member of as of 7/23/02.

So it seems these two individuals are very closely allied and quite knowledgeable and well credentialed when it comes to telling people how to utilize their private property.


Bob Mcgonigel
Sequim, WA


I have enclosed several documents (by mail) to support my statement. More info is obviously available at the Secretary of State's Office. I have heard that your publisher Sue Ellen Riesau was the former campaign manager for Tharinger. I do not know that for sure but I'm sure Steve will be contacted and given time and assistance in concocting the appropirate explanation. I urge you paper to act as a responsible publication do some investigative reporting. As far as this guy is concerned, this info is just the tip of the iceberg. I'm sending this info to approximately 200 people in the county and any authorities I deem appropriate.

PS I don't get intimidated.


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