Letter to the Editor: Cow Patty

(Re: Lawmaker proposing buyout program for federal grazing permits, February
26, 2003, by Chuck Mueller,as printed in San Bernardino Sun


March 8, 2003

So, the elected representative -- referred to as a 'lawmaker' -- from distant
Connecticut is going to 'introduce legislation' to make beef so expensive
that only a few can still afford it. The 'carrot,' in his mind, is CONTROL of
the land where cattle -- and those 'ignorant ranchers' -- currently roam. It
has nothing to do with 'desert tortoise habitat,' since the tortoises use
fresh 'cow pies' for shade and moisture!

Perhaps more of those involved in the 'plans' to eliminate all working-class
access to land that those same honest folks bought with their tax dollars --
should remove their COWHIDE shoes and step in a fresh cow patty!

For the vegans and 'animal rights activists: cattle are vegans. They don't
eat meat. Go figure: the 'human vegans' seek to eliminate the animal vegans.
How much sense does that make?

Julie Kay Smithson

213 Thorn Locust Lane

London, OH 43140



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