Marxist tactics can be seen disrupting America's way of life

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March 25, 2003

The January 10, 1963, Congressional Record contains an interesting document, a document that lists the tactical targets and methods used by the U.S. Communist Party in its attempts to subvert our constitutional republic. What does a 40-year old document have to do with politics today? A lot, for the tactics being espoused in 1963 are just as valid today for anyone who wants to sap our society of its morale and overturn its philosophical underpinnings. Whether it is outright communists (the wall may be down, but they still exist) waving a red hammer and sickle banner, or those who call themselves something else, the tactics of Karl Marx are still in play. The revolutionaries overriding goal is to have society buy into the belief that God has no place in its life or consciousness. Once the denial of Godís dominion over humanity is accepted belief, the overthrow of our social and political order will march inexorably on - there will be nothing to hold in check the spread of the seven Capital Sins. Goodby freedom, hello tyranny.

The Supreme Court judges and Attorney General Ashcroft might will want to keep in mind two of the communist tactics listed in the Congressional Record when they consider the appeal from the Ninth Circuit concerning the constitutionality of the Pledge of Allegiance - "Do away with all loyalty oaths." and "Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expression in the schools on the ground that it violates separation of church and state." Letís see - we got God out of the pledge - the next step will be to eliminate the pledge. Godís Justice, of such concern to Thomas Jefferson, will not sleep forever.

Marxist thought is also seen in the anti-war demonstrations that have erupted around the world. I say erupted because what has made the headlines are not spontaneous demonstrations of people who genuinely believe that conflict is not the answer, but the work of socialistic and communist cadres, well versed in the art of organizing mass demonstrations. Throughout the 20th Century, communists used "peace" demonstrations as an element of foreign policy. The demonstrations were one-sided, always against an action being taken or contemplated by the United States, never against a war or inhumane action by Stalin, Soviet Russia, or other communist or socialist tyrannies. No one marched when Stalin annexed part of Finland or the Baltic States, when the Soviet military occupied Poland, Hungary, or Czechoslovakia, when China attacked India, when the Vietnamese invaded Cambodia, when the Russians invaded Afghanistan, when Saddam invaded Iran, when Saddam gassed his own people, when Saddam invaded Kuwait.

In a report published in "Insight Magazine," J. Michael Waller stated that the two principal organizing groups were in fact fronts for the Workers World Party, "a tiny Marxist-Leninist group whose leaders display a fanatical devotion to the late North Korean dictator Kim Il-sung and his son and successor, Kim Jong-il."

If you needed further evidence of who is agitating and why, consider the statement made by Leslie Cagan, the communist head of the United for Peace and Justice Coalition, one of the front organizations for the WWP. In a March 10 article, journalist Joseph Farah reported that Cagan had said (Farah used the word threatened) that they plan to move from peaceful protests to riots, destruction of property, and other means to disrupt the flow of life in America. They are already making plans to bring all activity in major cities in the U.S. and Great Britain to a halt upon the start of a war with Iraq. In another article, Waller noted that although the WWP is very small, with no apparent funding sources, it is able to logistically support the demonstrations. Given the WWPís known association with North Korea, it would appear to be a logical candidate for an investigation into whether or not it is receiving support from abroad for political activity, an illegal action.

The radical agitatorsí goal is not to disrupt the flow of life in America. Their goal is to disrupt America, period. As they have done in the past world-wide, they see an opportunity to seize control of what could be, should be a democratic debate and turn it into an environment of political unrest, lawlessness, confusion, civil turmoil, dissension, and discord. In removing the debate from our republican context and taking it into the streets, they are trying to establish the conditions that have enabled radical, tyrannical "isms" to come to power world wide.

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