Washington State: Who's Been Deployed?

February 28, 2003

By KOMO Staff & News Services

STATEWIDE - Here's a list compiled by the Associated Press of Washington military units activated or deployed, by name of unit, city where based, branch of service and number of people activated:

62nd Medical Brigade, 47th Combat Hospital, Fort Lewis, 550
70th Regional Support Command, Fort Lawton, Reserve, 90
361st Psychological Operations Co., Bothell, Reserve, 15
Co. A, 1st Battalion, 19th Spec Forces Group, Buckley, Guard, 11
National Guard Field Team, Camp Murray, Guard, 1
1161st Transportation Company, Ephrata, Guard, 2
315th Military Police Detachment, Fort Lawton, Reserve, 4
4th Brigade 91st Division HHD, Fort Lewis, Reserve, 19
364th DT TM, 2nd Btu Aug Ts CSC's, Fort Lewis, Reserve, 105
364th DT TM, 1st Btu Aug Ts CSC's, Fort Lewis, Reserve, 120
6th Detachment Corps, Fort Lewis, Reserve, 2
0040 Tc Co Det 2 Trk Pol, Fort Lewis, Reserve, 45
6th Corps HQ Detachment, Fort Lewis, Reserve, 7
Joint Task Force Team 6, Fort Lewis, Reserve, 3
249th Engineer Battalion, Fort Lewis, Reserve, 1
1/185 Aviation Co A Det 1, Fort Lewis, Guard, 1
1/185 Aviation Co B Forward, Fort Lewis, Guard, 1
5th Battalion, 159th Aviation, Fort Lewis, Reserve, 222
1st SF Bn 19th SF Group, 1st Spcl Forces, Fort Lewis, Guard, 2
2122nd Garrison Support Unit, Emerg Ops, Fort Lewis, Reserve, 17
14th Engineer Battalion, Fort Lewis, Guard, 118
2122nd USA Garrison Support, Fort Lewis, Reserve, 180
6250 U.S. Army Hospital, Fort Lewis, Reserve, 41
6250 U.S. Army Hospital Detachment 1, Fort Lewis, Reserve, 3
2122 Garrison Support Unit Mil Police, Fort Lewis, Reserve, 20
Mobilization Support Detachment B5, Fort Lewis, Reserve, 1
2122 Garrison Support Unit, Det 3, Fort Lewis, Reserve 48
7229 USA MSU Blood Det 2, Fort Lewis, Reserve, 24
7229 USA MSU Det 1, Fort Lewis, Reserve, 44
2122 Garrison Support Unit Det 5, Fort Lewis, Reserve, 2
91st Div 1st Bn 4th Brigade 356 Ls, Fort Lewis, Reserve 43
Operation Enduring Freedom, Sup Element 2, Fort Lewis, Reserve, 3
Operation Enduring Freedom, Sup Element 3, Fort Lewis, Reserve, 8
1888 Medical Det Head Neck Surg, Seattle, Reserve 7
US Army Facility Eng Grp, Seattle, Reserve, 7
341st Mil Intell Btn, Tacoma, Guard, 2
341st Mil Intell Btn, Co B, Det 1, Guard 3
300 Movement Control Det, Tacoma, Reserve, 4
805th Trans Det, Logistics Supp Veh, Tacoma, Reserve, 29
647 Tc Tm Mov Center, Tacoma, Reserve, 8
State Area Command, WANG HQ, Tacoma, Guard, 175
300th Transportation Detachment, Mvmt Control, Tacoma, Reserve, 2
307th Military Intelligence Co, Dets 3-4, Tumwater, Reserve, 2
368th Military Intelligence Batn, Det 8, Tumwater, Reserve, 5
368th Military Intelligence Batn, Det 1, Tumwater, Reserve, 1
368th Military Intelligence Batn, Det 5, Tumwater, Reserve, 1
104th Division HQ Detachment 1, Vancouver, Reserve, 1
396th Combat Support Hospital, Vancouver, Reserve, 566
396th Combat Support Hospital, Det 1, Vancouver, Reserve, 1
915th Med Det Forward Surgical Team, Vancouver, Reserve, 20

446th Airlift Wing, McChord, Reserve, 161
141st Air Refueling Wing, Fairchild, Guard, 62
Detachment 1-M6, Camp Murray, Guard, 99
92nd Air Refueling Wing, Fairchild, Air Force, 100

USS Bridge, Bremerton, Navy, 667
USS Rodney M. Davis, Everett, Navy, 215
Prowler Squadron VAQ139, Whidbey Island, 180
Prowler Squadron VAQ135, Whidbey Island, 175
Commander Sub Squadron 7 BGS, Bremerton, Reserve, 1
Joint Task Force CEMAUS, Pacific Command, Bridgeton, Reserve, 1
Amphib Task Group Pacific 322, Everett, Reserve, 6
Battle Group Staff 3, Everett, Reserve, 1
Commander, Surface Detachment 522, Everett, Reserve, 3
Harbor Defense Command 113, Everett, Reserve, 5
Inshore Boat Unit 11, Everett, Reserve, 20
Mobile Inshore Undersea Warfare Unit 101, Everett, Reserve, 24
Air Forces Pac Fleet Supply 0189, Oak Harbor, Reserve, 3
CIC, US Pacific Fleet Intelligence 0389, Oak Harbor, Reserve, 1
Joint Intell Center Pacific 1589, Oak Harbor, Reserve, 6
Joint Intell Center Pacific 1689, Oak Harbor, Reserve, 3
Aircraft Carrier Northwest 0189, Oak Harbor, Reserve, 2
NAS Whidbey 0189, Oak Harbor, Reserve, 1
Naval Criminal Invest 2422, Oak Harbor, Reserve, 1
Reserve Carrier Group 0389, Oak Harbor, Reserve, 1
Meteorological Oceanograph Whidbey 2089, Oak Harbor, Reserve, 2
Naval Intelligence 0189, Oak Harbor, Reserve, 12
Security Group Fort Lewis, Oak Harbor, Reserve, 3
Commander Sub Group 9 Detach 1, Silverdale, Reserve, 7
Commander Sub Group 9 Detach 522, Silverdale, Reserve, 4
Fleet/Industrial Supply Yokosuka 122, Silverdale, Reserve, 1
Magazine Indian Island Detach A, Silverdale, Reserve, 5
Commander Sub Squadron 3 BGS, Silverdale, Reserve, 1
Under Sea Warfare Engin Station 122, Silverdale, Reserve, 2
Special Warfare Group 1 Detach 122, Silverdale, Reserve, 1
Personnel Mobilization Team 3022, Silverdale, Reserve, 8
Sub Base Bangor Security 2201, Silverdale, Reserve, 6
4th Force Service Support Group 6ES, Spokane, Reserve, 1
CmdrinChief, Pacific Detach 322, Tacoma, Reserve, 3
Inshore Boat Unit 12, Tacoma, Reserve, 4
Cargo Handling Battalion 5 Surface Cmd, Tacoma, Reserve, 2
4F Guided Missile Sub Detach 17, Tacoma, Reserve, 5
Amphib Constr Battalion 1 Detach, Tacoma, Reserve, 1


HQ and Service Co., Det A 4th Land Sprt Bat, Fort Lewis, Reserve, 40
Det1, Bulk Fuel Co. A, 6th Engeer Support, Fort Lewis, Reserve, 40
Det9, Engineer Sprt Co. 6thEngineer Bat, Fort Lewis, Reserve, 7

Port Security Unit, 313 from Seattle and Tacoma, 120


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