Law of the Sea Treaty near ratification - without a vote!

Alert from Henry Lamb


The Senate Foreign Relations Committee approved the Law of the Seas
Treaty February 25, and its sponsors are attempting to get it ratified by
“unanimous consent” - without any floor debate or a recorded vote.
Remember - this is the process used to get the Convention on
Desertification ratified (see:

This is a horrible treaty, rejected by Ronald Reagan in 1982. Bill
Clinton signed the treaty in 1994, and it has been dormant since - until
October 7, when it reappeared in the Foreign Relations Committee.
Hearings were held on October 14, and 21, and final consideration occurred
on February 25, but no opposing voices were allowed to testify.

We must take two actions - NOW!

First, call Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist - 202-224-3344 - and ask
him to not allow this treaty to by placed on the “unanimous consent”

Next, call your Senator, and ask him/her to file an objection to force
a floor debate and vote. Then ask the Senator to vote against the

Among the treaty’s many flaws, it authorizes the U.N. to impose a tax,
and to extract royalties on activities in and on the international
seabed. It requires the transfer of technology - including information
that may have security implications. For more detailed information about
this terrible treaty, see these two great articles by Frank Gaffney,
Assistant Secretary of Defense under Ronald Reagan.

Please call your Senator today.

Thanks, Henry Lamb



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