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March 2004


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March 31, 2004

Will he be forced out? Golden Gate Gazette

Judge modifies I-884 ballot title - EFF

Olympic National Forest: Road maintenance switches to private sector beginning Thursday - PDN

5th Circuit gives police new power in searches - Warrant unneeded in some instances - Houston Chronicle

More land for the government...Stealing private property with public dollars -eco-logic

March 30, 2004

Europe's Cold Sweat Over Kyoto - Christian Science Monitor

Sarasota, FLA: Planners push for a shadier, more livable downtown - Herald Tribune

Border Patrol stops two large groups of illegal entrants over weekend - AZ Star

First lady, Paige tout plan - No Child Left Behind to undergo changes -

Charlotte Co., FLA - Nov. voters to decide on land buy tax for wildlands - Herald Tribune

UN wants control of the seas with US Senate's help by Tom DeWeese for News with Views

Beware of partisan media - Too many journalists are cheerleading for a favorite candidate by Bill O'Reilly for NY Daily News

March 29, 2004

United Nations ponders Net's future - Wants a big piece of the Internet - CNET News

L&I audit show funds missing; report argues that ESA should limit salmon protected; grizzley bear release from Canada pulled back -WA State Farm Bureau

Chasing the American Dream - As many as 10 million illegal immigrants now live in U.S. - MSNBC

Legal outsourcing going to India - Houston Chronicle

EFF offers five-step program to address chronic audit findings - Evergreen Freedom Foundation

March 28, 2004

Another Heritage Program, this one in Kansas, equals more of the Wildlands Project - TRACKSIDE (C) by John D'Aloia Jr.

Court Opens Door To Searches Without Warrants - The New Orleans Channel

Census Bureau: World Population Slowing to Dangerous Levels - LifeNews

Global Warming Is All Guesses based on controversial 'modeling' - Michael Crichton speech at Caltech

March 27, 2004

Park Service Ordered to Land -LMNS

March 26, 2004

House Budget Committee Heeds Western Caucus Call to Fully Fund PILT and Reduce Land Acquisition - from Western Caucus News

State audit reveals chronic waste in state agencies - North Cascade News

What economic recovery? Seattle P-I

Senate passes fetus protection bill - Seattle P-I

EFF asks judge for penalties in public records suit - Attorney General seeks to limit EFF's ability to obtain public information

Learning globally - Washington Times

Calif. Sees Huge Drive to 'Save' Coast - Land Trust to buy more land - NY Times

March 25, 2004

Forest Service to rebuild washed-out Dosewallips Road - Community forum Saturday in Brinnon - PT Leader

Rep. Dicks upset with park service budget cuts - PNN

Hearst Extends Conservation Group Deadline -

Nation's governors are headed for Seattle-Seattle P-I

March 24, 2004

Trying to see forest for the trees - Conservation trust plans to harvest timber while saving North Coast redwoods - Sacramento Bee

March 23, 2004

Bush administration eases logging restrictions on old-growth forests - King 5 News

Park Service Is Rebuked on Hill for Proposed Cuts -Washington Post

New Law Encourages Businesses to Create Jobs in Rural Areas - Yakima Herald-Republic

Governor restores senior discount - The law allows private companies to offer reduced rates on insurance premiums - The Daily Herald

Attorney Jim Johnson to run again for state high court - Seattle P-I

Court Takes Up 'Under God' in Pledge -AP/Yahoo News

March 18, 2004

PUBLIC FORUM - Learn All About Rebuilding The Dosewallips River Road

Ruling could invalidate thousands of laws -Birmingham News

Preserving the American Dream conference set

To Home School or Betty Freauf, for News with Views

March 16, 2004

Olympic Nat'l Park may close visitor center, eliminate some rangers -King 5 News

Stealing private property with public dollars - News with Views

N.M. Rancher Arrested in Grazing Fight - AP

Thousands start to get mandated fluoride - News Tribune

Battle over smoking ban heats up in Washington state -King 5 News

March 11, 2004

Public employment continues to grow - Increase of 444.5 full-time equivalent employees in 2003 - EFF

Private water firms might tap bond funds - California Governor planning controversial shift - The Record

March 8, 2004

TREATY BY STEALTH - AGAIN! by Henry Lamb for News with Views

Cities feel state pressure to expand buffer zones -The Daily Herald

GOP caucus not about nominee -The Olympian

March 6, 2004

Idaho asks to join suit on upper Snake dams - Spokesman-Review

Plan to protect Canada lynx faces skepticism - Spokesman-Review

Wyoming to sue over wolf impasse -Billings Gazette

Plan would increase state logging 35 percent - Enviros may sue to block it - Spokesman-Review

(So you want to be a farmer) A farmer's perspective of Brazil

March 5, 2004

Another land battle brewing in New Mexico - Feds ordering cattle off privately-owned land - fwd from Julie Kay Smithson

Urgent Action Alert: “Invasive Species” in the Transportation (SAFETEA) Bill

Dams more valuable than fish - Seattle P-I commentary

COMMUNITY PLANS = SUSTAINABLE SCAMS - commentary by Joanne Nathan

March 4, 2004

Anti-sprawl Measure Defeated for Second Time - LMNS

Agreement reached to preserve heron habitat in Redmond - King 5 News

LOST at Sea - John Kerry’s Treaty - Outsourcing sovereignty - LMNS

2004 National Property Rights Conference, April 16 - 18 -LMNS

March 3, 2004

Law of the Sea Treaty near ratification - without a vote! - Alert from Henry Lamb

No Barge Traffic on Missouri River This Season - Operators say 'no feasible' to carry cargoes for farmers because of agency recommendation - LMNS

Opinions range on grazing plan - Critics, backers spar over effect on land -Tribune

March 1, 2004

REGIONAL GOVERNANCE IS HERE by Henry Lamb, for News with Views

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