PA council approves Fluoride agreement

March 2nd, 2005 - 4:47pm


(Port Angeles, WA) -- The Port Angeles City Council voted 5-1 Tuesday night to approve a gift agreement with the Washington Dental Service Foundation, accepting a system to fluoridate the city's water supply.

WDSF will hire CH2M Hill to construct a fluoridation facility that will be given to the city after it is built and operating.

The city will be responsible for the operation and maintenance of the plant for a minimum of ten years. Fluoride advocates and opponents voiced their opinions about the issue prior to the council's vote last night.

Members of the medical and dental community supported water fluoridation. Other community members were against the idea of medication placed in the water without a vote of the people to decide the issue.


PA officials accept fluoridation grant


Peninsula News Network

Port Angeles, WA - After two years of fighting with fluoride opponents, Port Angeles officials have finally accepted the donation that will pay for the water to actually be treated later this year.

The second anniversary of the city council’s approval of fluoridation passed just a couple of weeks ago. But the actual implementation of the program has been stalled by a series of appeals filed by fluoride opponents, who complain the treatment will lead to serious health problems for some residents… a point debated by doctors and others who petitioned the city to add fluoride.

Even last night, as the council prepared to accept the donation to pay for the new system, fluoride opponents were complaining. But the council proceeded to accept the gift from the Washington Dental Service’s Foundation… a grant of 2-hundred 60-thousand dollars that will get the fluoridation system up and running later this year.



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