Bringing the Lawyers to the Landowners

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This May, at the Southwest Landowners Conference, attendees have a unique opportunity to get help for their issues.

Sponsored by two national property rights organizations, the American Land Foundation and Stewards of the Range, the conference is bringing in some of the nations top property rights attorneys to meet privately with attendees on their specific issues.

The attorneys, Ladd Bedford, attorney on Hage v. United States, and Paul Terrill, who is litigating GDF Realty v. Gale Norton, are a part of the LandGuard program, a network of attorneys working to help landowners at a reduced fee.

The regular conference program features a powerful line up of property rights experts including Michael Coffman from Environmental Perspectives, Fred Grant with Stewards of the Range, Plaintiff Wayne Hage, Former Congressman Helen-Chenoweth Hage, and RJ Smith from Center for Private Conservation, and Dan Byfield with American Land Foundation.

Topics include conservation easements, takings, ESA, water rights and many other issues landowners are facing today. The power packed one-day program is a unique concept. Not only will attendees get up to speed on the issues through the regular program, but they can also meet privately with some of the best legal minds in the field of property rights. The conference takes place May 13th in Austin, Texas. For more information go to or call 1-800-452-6389.


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