Letter to the Editor: SERIOUS REFLECTIONS

To the Editor:

The terms, duty officer,medal detector,surveillance cameras,confiscation of weapons,drug abuse,drug sniffing dogs,sexual exploitation,lock downs,killings are characteristics of prisons...and now synonymous with American public schools.....however the Word of God is still permissible in prisons.

The "right to choose" has significantly diminished the sanctity of life. The "right to Choose" terminates pregnancies by taking lives! Washington state has an average of 15,630 teen age pregnancies annually of which 34 % exercise there "right to choose" by taking 5314 lives...it's become as common as using the delete key on the computer to remove the unwanted.

This practice has transformed into new behaviorism, taking " thou shall not kill" out of society permits deleting the unwanted. If your football coaches,parents, fellow students,or unborn child fits into this category you exercises your "right to choose," taking lives now has lost it's boundaries.TRAGIC NEWS OF RED LAKE SCHOOL SHOOTINGS IN MINNESOTA exemplifies this behavioral trend.

America is being destroyed from within by liberal judges, the superior court of Washington state ruled it's not legally permissible for parents listening in on there childrens phone conversations to circumvent criminal acts...the nation remains dismayed. Animal rights violators receive jail time, striking someone at a girls basket ball game is just human behavior.

Liberalism is the greatest  destructive force within America, and the society remains oblivious to the devastating consequences


Dorothy Albright, Sequim 
Sequim Wa 98382    



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