Are You Owed a Phone Excise Tax Refund?

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced recently that it plans to stop collecting the Federal Excise Tax (FET) on long-distance telephone, bundled service plans and most cellular phone services effective August 2006. The FET rate was 3% of the charges billed for these services. Decisions in 5 federal appeals courts upheld that the FET does not apply to these services.
Therefore, both individuals and companies will be eligible to file a refund on FET charges billed and/or paid from March 2003 through July 2006. The IRS estimates the claims and refunds could exceed $15 billion. The IRS will also pay interest on these refunds. Individuals and companies will claim these refunds on their 2006 Federal Income Tax returns filed in 2007.
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Every individual and company that uses a phone (land line, fax, cell, digital, etc.) is eligible to receive their portion of this $15 billion refund! Contact us to find out if you qualify. Technology Change Management is here to serve you and help you get the phone tax refund you deserve!
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