JEFFERSON: County to discuss non-motorized transportation options
Monday, March 12, 2001
By Philip L. Watness

The concurrent effort will feature public forums to gather ideas and information on what county residents would like to see. A follow-up survey will prioritize the wish list.

PORT TOWNSEND -- Jefferson County will embark on its first-ever non-motorized plan at the same time it updates its parks plan.
The Non-Motorized Transportation Plan will delineate bicycle and pedestrian routes throughout Jefferson County.
Jim Pearson of Jefferson Public Works said describing a non-motorized transportation plan is kind of like blind men examining an elephant -- everyone has a different idea of what it should be.
For some people, the plan might mean bicycle routes for commuting to work, shopping, or visiting friends. For others, it could mean safe routes for walking to school or wide roadway shoulders that encourage walking in residential areas.

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