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March 18, 2008

Port Angeles, WA - We’re going to finish what we started,” declared Dino Rossi as he spoke to a roomful of Republicans at the annual Lincoln Day Dinner Saturday night, at the downtown Elks building.

The gubernatorial candidate ran against Governor Christine Gregoire (D) and won the first count, won a recount, and then lost as the result of a 2nd recount last election.  It appeard that illegal ballots of sex offenders and people who are deceased that were counted in King County may have been a contributing factor to his defeat. He stated 136 sex offenders had registered as homeless people. Thousands of dead people have now been wiped off the state voter base, according to the state auditor Sam Reed.

Rossi announced the importance of customer service in the role of governor, and noted the lack of it in Olympia this last term. “If we were customers, we would have been treated differently,” observed Rossi.

“Is it fiscal sanity or insanity?” he asked.  There has been a 33 percent increase in state budget new spending. He declared the spending rate is two and a half times the revenue growth rate.  He stated Gregoire has a $2.1 billion surplus. She has blown through $2.4 billion deficits for the next Governor to face. Rossi predicted her eight percent revenue increase.  He said we are the highest in the nation with cigarette and gas tax.

Rossi mentioned a recent newspaper that reported Gregoire said she favored a state income tax.

“My goal is to be fiscally conservative and I shall have a conscience,” he pledged. Rossi stated statistics show a dead heat today at 46-40 percent in the race.

The gubernatorial candidate said Democrats are also voting for him.  He mentioned a man who wants his bumper sticker to state, “Dinocrat, I’m back and I’m bringing friends."  Rossi encourages everyone to ask 129 friends and family to vote for him and his race will be won.
“I want Washington State to be an entrepreneurial state,” announced Rossi.  He said his race is all about change, culture, and the direction of the state government for generations.  Customer service, leadership from the top, and changing attitude of state agencies is his goal.

Rossi noted the upcoming races for incumbents, State Attorney, Rob McKenna, Sam Reed, State Auditor, Doug Sutherland, Land Commissioner, and new member Allan Martin who is running for State Treasurer.  Rossi announced “This team is going to change the state of Washington for this generation.”

“With this race for Governor---Washington State gets a second chance,” announced Rossi.


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