County approves first step in shooting park proposal

March 25th, 2008 - 12:49pm

(Port Angeles) -- Clallam County Commissioners took the first step today in a long process that could result in a new shooting range near Joyce.

Commissioners agreed to make a formal request to the State Department of Natural Resources to reconvey more than 300 acres of land near Sadie Creek. That land could evenutally be turned into a shooting park.

Next the DNR will have to determine whether it will agree to move the land out of trust status and back to the county. Proponents would like to see a 500-yard range at the site. They also say it could spur economic development for the area, by attracting shooting enthusiasts.

And a formal shooting range could cut down on rouge shooting in the area. The county's park and recreation board has recommended the Sadie Creek site as the best place to locate the range. Some people have complained the range could cause pollution, but proponents dispute whether that is the case at a modern site.

Any proposed site will have to undergo a full environmental review before it gets final approval.


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