Sustainable communities in Alabama

By Don Casey
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Todd McDonald, Planning Services Supervisor, estimates that the Shelby County, Alabama Draft Comprehensive Plan will be adopted during the May - June time period. The adoption will be the first official effort by a county in Alabama to create "sustainable communities," a socialist's dream come true, and a page right out of the U.N.Agenda 21.

"Through various 'out of the box' implementation methods as discussed below, the County seeks to influence market trends to affect development patterns to create sustainable communities. Rather than responding to development pressures, we can actively influence where and how development occurs in the County consistent with the goals and vision of the Plan." [1]

Professional planners, with the assistance of local elected officials who do not understand the impact of what is being done, will use "out of the box" implementation methods: i.e., zoning laws, tax incentives, and dis-incentives, etc. to prevent the exercise of free choice by the residents of Shelby County, thereby fulfilling the "goals and vision of the Plan." Merging the rights of private ownership of property into the socialist scheme, the "Plan" states: "Recognize the private property rights of the individual within a balanced framework that considers the public interest and shared values of the community." [2]

Don't miss the point - local elected officials and professional planners have determined that private property will benefit the owner, as long as he accommodates "the public interest and shared values of the community" as expressed by the state. This system, under Hitler and Mussolini, was known as Fascism. Today it is called "sustainable communities."

The "Plan" divides Shelby County into three types of land use; "distinct communities, transition areas, and rural landscapes." [3] The term "green infrastructure" will be the criteria that "will provide the basis for where and how development and redevelopment should occur" [4]

"The County recognizes its Green Infrastructure as a collection of natural, cultural, heritage, environmental, protected, passive, and active resources that are integrated into a related system." [5]

With the phrase, "The County recognizes its," there is a declaration of ownership. This is consistent with the quote that private property will be used to benefit the state. Next, notice that the above quote is specific in its definition of "Green Infrastructure." This declaration of ownership, left unchallenged, will grant to greedy politicians and leftist social planners, the ability to redefine their ownership of your property, at their discretion.

The shape of things to come!

"The strategy for residential densities is to start with higher densities around the Community Core and centers in the municipalities, moving to lower clustered suburban densities in the Transition Areas and then to still lower rural by right densities in the Rural Landscape."[6]

The "Plan" on page 50 of Part 2 contains a map, which depicts the "Community Core" with red dots. Through regulations, tax incentives, and dis-incentives the majority of Shelby County residents will likely relocate into the "Core" areas. Concentrating large numbers of "human resources" (people) in small areas makes viable the "planner" concept of "efficient transportation."

"The County's transportation system serves two important functions. First, it affects where growth occurs by providing access to land. In addition, it also affects the local economy by providing for the movement of people, goods, and materials. This dual role of controlling and promoting development makes transportation planning an important part of a growth management program. A well planned and properly constructed transportation system is essential to the orderly and efficient development of the County and its individual municipalities." [7]

To recap what we have said, ownership of private property is to benefit the state, not the individual county residents, who will be relocated into population zones, and a transportation system will be used to help "control" where residents reside.

Some readers may consider that there is a certain "edge" to the author's comments. Acknowledging this, the author believes that "doing nothing," while greedy politicians allow socialist planners to reorganize society, is aiding and abetting our own demise as free individuals. What can the reader do? Get a copy of the "Plan." It is available on the County's web site, or call the County Commissioners' office to verify the content of this article. Then - express your opinion. To do nothing will ensure enactment of this "policy."

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