Arkansas:  Sustainable Development brought in through Community Development Dept. vis-a-vis the Dept. of Agriculture 

 by Charlene Sanders, Sierra Times

We're going to have a little lesson in "sustainable development", OK? I know, I know! It makes me puke too, but if we are going to save our nation, we're going to have to get down in the dirt a little and learn something about what's going on, ya know?

Recently we've had a little bit of the U.N. in our town in the guise of community development. It comes from the county extension office of UALR, University of Arkansas at Little Rock. Now I've become acquainted with a couple of people from this office, the one local here in Hot Springs, and by email with one of the fellows in Little Rock, and they're not bad people. They're only involved in a bad program. Bad is not quite strong enough, however, which the following will demonstrate.

Also, on one of our local talk stations we had our county judge on the program, Larry Williams. Now Judge Williams is a fairly intelligent person, but he's severely behind the curve on the important issues at hand, namely community development and education in general. So are a number of the justices of the peace. But we will confine ourselves to the matter at hand. So listen up boys and girls.

You may recognize this program when it comes into your community. It's very slickly packaged and you might even fall for it. Ours is called "Focus Garland County" from the US Department of Agriculture.

Very American you say. Sounds like it. However, it is a pre-packaged version of the United Nations injecting itself into your home and private property, and the education of your children.

In doing some support documentation for the premise that the U.N. is behind sustainable development, I found these websites: and

These are sites that openly embrace these policies and have no qualms about announcing they come from the Earth Summit: Agenda 21: The United Nations Program of Action from Rio.

Berit Kjos has much information on the Rio Summit on her website found here.

Here is the gist of an email that I sent to some local friends and supporters about Agenda 21 being implemented in our hometown. Please make note of these websites! And pay close attention to how the subject of education is treated by Agenda 21. These people are not fooling around. The material referenced comes from "Education for Sustainability" published by the President's Council on Sustainability by yep, you guessed it: President Bill Clinton: the original good ol' boy.


On page 29 we find:

"Visioning processes enable communities to plan for the long-term health (?) of their communities and make decisions that will determine the economic viability of their communities.  Many communities across the nation have taken this challenge seriously and are engaged in a process of visioning and assessment leading to strategic planning.  Local decision-making can be enhanced with information and technical assistance from state and federal governments. (GEEZ!  Federal?)

At the international level, Chapter 28 of Agenda 21 of the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) charged communities with formulating action plans to move toward a sustainable future. This process calls for the broadest possible public participation, with representatives from diverse areas (could this mean elected officials?) coming together to define sustainability on the local level and support plans and projects that will implement their communities' visions.

I checked Chapter 28 of Agenda 21, it's on-line as well, and the language is extremely similar only they use the words "Agenda 21" outright.  Imagine that. Also, you might want to have a look at this: All Agenda 21 issues.  

Guess what this means?

We have a lot of work today in educating the people around us!!!  We better get started.

Here's a few pertinent paragraphs from "Education for Sustainability":

"A new mechanism is needed that includes, but is not exclusively controlled by, any one existing extension entity.  A redefined Sustainable Development Extension Network could employ services offered by diverse educational units such as community colleges, public schools, and private sector educational entities (why did they refer to private Christian schools this way?) as well as nongovernmental organizations focusing on similar issues and priorities.  At the same time, the new network can build upon the current infrastructure that exists in every county in the United States through the Cooperative Extension System, Sea Grant, and Space Grant programs.

Got that?  EVERY county. This means: an "end run" around the State and US Constitutions.

Quoting now...

"A Sustainable Development Extension Network (This is the UALR county extension office) should be coordinated with other initiatives described in An Agenda for Action.  More specifically a network could:

1.) Assist in the implementation of a national effort to increase awareness of sustainability at the state and community levels. 

2.) Identify, document, and electronically link community civic groups, schools, businesses, and other entities interested in sustainable development.

3.) Provide for local and state participation in the development of essential learnings in sustainability, design of community visioning and assessment processes, student performance outcomes (where have you heard that before?  This is nothing less than OBE a la' B.F. Skinner; operant conditioning; Goals 2000, School-To-Work, etc.) criteria for  curriculum development, and other standards (other standards?  What's that?)

4.) Coordinate the efforts of major groups that design community visioning and assessment processes by documenting strategies and compiling results of such efforts.

5.) Identify model programs that satisfy agreed-upon standards of sustainable development.

6.)  Design and deliver training (National Training Labs, perhaps?) to organizations and individuals interested in applying principles of sustainability to their businesses, governments (GOVERNMENTS??), projects, families, OR SCHOOLS.  (Remember you read it here!)

7.)  Develop a five year plan of action that targets specific geographic areas through a priority-setting process, and recommend public policy that enables the actions.

8.) Develop a multidimensional matrix that includes environmental, economic and social components (social components??) so each agency role will be maximized in terms of education, technical support, and financial assistance to specific geographic areas.

9.)  Coordinate the above functions with new and existing clearinghouses related to education for sustainability across the country.

I don't guess I have to point out to you guys the importance of stopping this globalization madness.  The U. N. has gotten itself in so many of our social institutions and governmental bodies that it makes one absolutely ill.  It's even in some churches!!!!!


Remember that the people behind these programs may not be aware that they are being used to erode the sovereignty of the American people. Most of the time they are good people who are being deceived.

Then there are those I'm sure who absolutely, beyond a doubt know what they are doing and have no conscience about eroding the rights of American parents. What escapes me is how they think they will be exempt from the process. Perhaps they think they will be.


Charlene Sanders
Hot Springs, Arkansas





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