Home Rule Charter Commission gets down to business in changes needed

KONP (Port Angeles) --May 10, 2002  The board reviewing Clallam County's governing document started getting down to specifics last night. 

The Charter Review Commission heard reports from nine committees that have been reviewing separate articles of the county's constitution. Some of the charter issues that could be amended and moved out of committee in the next couple of meetings include a proposal to elect and nominate county commissioners by district. 

Currently, commissioners are nominated by district and elected at large. Other charter proposals include changing the Director of Community Development to an elected position and having partisan elected county officials unless they are exempted by state law. 

The committees proposed specific language regarding the initiative and referendum process, the criteria for redistricting and county budget processes and timelines. Charter Review Commission Chairman Dave Cummins says a couple of items will be forwarded for final passage out of committee at the next meeting and take them to the public hearing process. 

The next public meeting of the Charter Review Commission will be on May 23rd.

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