Education 'Reform and Agenda 21 - It All Ties Together – Controlling the Opposition

By Charlene Sanders
Published 05. 25. 02 at 21:49 Sierra Times

Last week I put together some interesting points regarding the links between Agenda 21 and your local environmental initiatives. Henry Lamb writes a fascinating article linking education with the global agenda.

In our town of Hot Springs, Arkansas, we are in the deep clutches of not only education "reform" but sustainable development. I hope your town is in better shape than ours. Of course I'm sure there are towns that are much worse off too… I just don't know of any!

Along with Outcome Based Education comes the "character education" tag. As Charlotte Iserbyt has said in the past, Beware of any school subject or "innovative program" with the word education on the end of it! Take a look at this and realize that this article is a year and a half old. We are deep in to the process of getting our kids to accept the idea that the homosexual lifestyle is merely "alternative."

What you will have pretty soon is the teachers coming out in the classroom. And that is why James Dobson and Dr. Laura have recently said: Get your kid out of the public schools.

Readers of this column don't have any trouble adding two plus two. That's exactly why local school boards don't want parents having input into their little kingdoms. They have their playhouse set up like they want it and no amount of pleading or threatening will change their cement-filled heads one iota.

Our school board here insists on a written application submitted in advance (they're calling it an "application" to speak before the board) and it must include subject material to be discussed. If more than one person wants to speak on the same subject, you must select a spokesperson. I believe the exact wording is:

"Any person, group or organization may request to appear before the Board. Such request must be made in writing and submitted to the Superintendent at least seven (7) days prior to the date set for a meeting. The request shall state the nature and purpose for the appearance and any information that will be presented. The Superintendent shall have the discretion to determine whether the request will be granted and the item placed on the agenda….The Superintendent's decision shall be final, subject to the provisions of this policy and the overall authority of the Board."

How many times have you heard the schools whine: "The schools want more parental involvement, parental involvement is the key to the student's success. Parents are encouraged to visit the school." Blah, blah, blah! This policy doesn't tell me they are very interested in hearing from parents at all. If you have any horror stories, please feel free to send them to me.

As in the education realm, and the NGO's bringing Agenda 21 to your locale, remember this: knowledge is power and it is up to you to educate yourself and be two jumps ahead of your opponents.

The Internet is a wonderful, powerful tool. Use it to the fullest advantage. The power brokers have no defense against the indefensible.

Charlene Sanders
Hot Springs, Arkansas

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