Letter to the editor:  Secret on-campus encounter sessions violate families, children; coming to a school near you

Dear Editor,

May 6, 2002 - Aptos High School in Santa Cruz County, California violated the families of 360 students when it conducted a secret behavior control exercise that compelled the students to publicly confess their sexual behaviors, personal thoughts, and family secrets, according to "Crossing the Line crosses the line" in the Santa Cruz Sentinel. The Sentinel article stated that most parents "would be horrified" if they knew what was being done under the guise of leadership training and team building exercises on government campuses in Santa Cruz County . They're right. But, the story doesn't stop in wacky Santa Cruz -- it's coming your way, if it hasn't already arrived.

Creator's Syndicate reported that the businesses conducting on-campus encounter sessions consider America 's children as a "growth industry" and they're taking their programs to the schools. Why should parents and citizens be concerned? The Seattle Times reported that the on-campus encounter sessions held on government schools in Washington are "psycho cry fests" that are "soul searching" "brainwashing" exercises that "can cause children irreparable damage" and create a "legal mess for schools".  In discussing similar programs, WorldNetDaily.com asked "What's happening in U.S. schools?" As concerned parents, we had the same question; but, the schools and businesses involved wouldn’t provide us with answers. We found out why when we uncovered stories showing the clear risks these programs can pose to families and children. Freedom 21 Santa Cruz has allowed us to post our findings on their web site at:


We don't have all the answers, but hope that you can help us inform parents of this blatant assault on family autonomy and the individual will of our children. If you have additional information about these programs or are experiencing similar problems in your community, please share it with us and we'll work with you to spread the word!

Best Regards,

Andrew Madison


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