Malevolent Government strikes again, and again

May 24, 2002

By Miss Julie Kay Smithson

In the high desert lands of Nevada, light years from the general public's
consciousness and the deliberate shunning by the major media, an American
travesty of justice is taking place.  I am only aware of it because I have
personal friends there, fellow hardworking American Resource Providers.

These generational land stewards have done nothing wrong.  They have been
honest 'salt of the earth' families living in remote areas for a long time. 
They've been putting food on America's plates and shoe leather and coats on
America's people for well over a hundred years.

What is their thanks for all this effort, for the lined and weatherbeaten
faces that used to crease with easy smiles, for the knarled hands and bowed
legs of the stockmen?  The United States Department of Interior, headed by
Ms. Gale Norton, has an umbrella of secrecy over one of its branches --
probably the others, too -- the Bureau of Land 'Management.' This
little-known agency to the rest of America has become the source of criminal
trespass and theft of private property in many large areas of rural western

How dare they, you ask? They 'dare' with the arrogance that is reminiscent of
Internal Revenue 'Service' agents raiding a business and scarfing up all its
assets, locking its doors, and then 'letting' the owner attempt to prove
his/her innocence. 

They 'dare' with the booted and heavy foot of a government gone mad, driven
by 'non-governmental organizations' that have earned the nickname of 'Gang

I write this letter to a rural Nevada paper, only dreaming that it might be
picked up and printed by a large paper with a large readership who might just
be awakened and voice a large outcry over these crimes being committed in
Nevada, out of sight of 99% of the public.

Please visit  for much more about the efforts
to stop freedom as we used to know it in America.  Click on the Articles
button for a national map -- every single state has property rights troubles.
 Then click on International Articles, and see that in just a few short
weeks, over a dozen countries around the world have been found to have
(printed in publications) property rights horror stories.

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