Politics in the Law, A Commentary

  by:  Keith Allison, D.Dn.

© 22 May 2002

 Well folks, it appears the citizens in Yakima held their own Boston Tea Party, and have once again informed the local power brokers theyíre fed up with uncontrolled taxation. There were 7,332 voters in favor of the proposed Port District, but 14,414 voters opposed; thatís 66.3 percent of the voters who showed their disapproval of the additional property taxes the port would have incurred. But more important, is the publicís demonstrable disdain for yet another level of bureaucracy to contend with.

 I have no idea who determined the proposed Port District should be voted on during a ďspecial election,Ē but I believe it would have been more cost effective if they had waited another six months and voted on it during the general election in November. Of course, the cost of a special election would have been of no concern to Senator Deccio and the rest of his cohorts, all they could see was another level of government to saddle the voters with. But, itís also very possible our current crop of public servants felt they had a better chance of sneaking the issue past a smaller voter turn out in a ďspecial election.Ē

 On numerous occasions, Iíve mentioned that Article I, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution states, ďAll legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a senate and house of representatives.Ē Iíve also mentioned that nowhere in my perusal of Constitution related documents, is any mention made of members of the bureaucracy being granted legislative power. And, Iíve found no reference to the legislature having the constitutional authority to delegate its legislative power to the bureaucracy through enabling legislation. Because of this, I personally believe that ďAdministrative Law,Ē or the Washington Administrative Codes, are an unconstitutional usurpation of government authority.


            Iíve also written about how our illustrious Governor Gary Lockenut; Attorney General Chris Gregoire; Secretary of the Department of Health Mary Selecky; numerous bureaucrats and politicians such as Senator Jim West; Senator Harold Hochstatter; Senator Alex Deccio Senator Rosa Franklin; Representative Clyde Ballard; Representative Jim Clements; Representative Barbara Lisk; Representative Joyce Mulliken; Representative Mary Skinner and the rest of the legislature, have refused to bring Washington State law into compliance with the Constitution. Iíve also taken to task judges such as Yakima County Superior Court Judges Francis James Gavin and Michael Leavitt, for basing their decisions on political and special interest groupís agendaís, rather than constitutional law.


            I also exposed the fraud, extortion, civil rights violations, conspiracy, restraint of trade and racketeering behind Initiative 607, the so-called Denturist Licensing Act. In relation to I-607, I told my readers how I, and many other registered denturists, were told that if we refused to


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ďdonateĒ a minimum of $10,000.00 to entities controlled by members of the Washington

Denturist Association for a guaranteed Washington State Denturist License, we would be denied licensure in the future. Iíve also exposed how each of the above named public servants have refused to investigate or examine the evidence proving these allegations, and I will continue to raise this specter at every opportunity.


            Because of what I have written in the past, many of my readers have, for the first time, discovered the unconstitutional land grabbing activities of various ecology groups under the auspices of the United Nations Agenda 21. There is a great deal more information that has been brought to my attention in this regard, and Iíll deal with that data in future columns.


            However, at this time, I would like to make a proposal to my readers and their friends across the State of Washington. It is obvious the leadership of the republican and democratic parties have no intention of making sure that our legislators enact only laws that pass constitutional muster. It is also readily apparent they have allowed themselves to fall into the grasp of covetous special interest groups; groups whose sole purpose appears to be to tax or extort money from us, or strip us of our constitutional rights. And, since it appears they are in league with bureaucrats who willingly deprive American citizens of our right to own and use our property, as we deem appropriate, it seems only proper that we fight back. I believe the time has come for Yakima area residents to take the lead, and form a citizens committee that will demand government adherence to the Constitution, and hold our public servants feet to the fire whenever they balk.


            I propose this group should not be affiliated with any of the current political parties; it should be of a single mindset, that being the adherence to, and preservation of, our constitutional form of government as mandated by the United States Constitution.


            Folks, if you want to sit back on your heels and watch your unalienable rights being taken away by groups wanting to Save Body Lice, Save the Cockroach, Save the Scorpion, ad infinitum, you are free to do so. But for me, I believe the time has come to ensure our childrenís future and the future of this nation. Letís get together and see if we canít return this nation to a constitutional form of government; letís get rid of this one that wants to change the rules to fit whatever hair brained scheme comes along. Time is short my friends.


            Knowledge is the key that unlocks the shackles of bondage.

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