Eyman, grassroots taxpayer organization, issue statement about I-776 & I-800


"The Department of Licensing's letter is the law." -- Ron Sims, KUOW
radio show

Tim Eyman, co-sponsor of I-776 & I-800 and Voters Want More Choices, a
new grassroots taxpayer organization, released the following statement:

"Washington voters have approved $30 TWICE. I-776 becomes law on
December 5th. Politicians like Ron Sims take a sworn oath to uphold the
laws of the people of the state of Washington. The Attorney General
takes a sworn oath to enforce the laws of the people of the state of
Washington. The Department of Licensing is not one of the three
branches of government. DOL's letter said that they would keep
collecting the MVET tax until someone tells them not to -- this is a
government bureaucracy waiting for the law to tell them what to do --
that voter-approved law is clear: $30 Tabs for Everyone."

"I-776 requires $30 tabs. Ron Sims and Sound Transit have numerous
options to fulfill their $350 million bond obligations and to follow the
law of voter-approved $30 tabs. Among these options, they can pay off
their $350 million outstanding bonds with their $860 million reserve
fund or simply use their sales tax revenue stream to pay off the bonds.
Voters are entitled to their $30 tabs because they voted for $30 tabs

"Ron Sims instructed Sound Transit lead counsel Desmond Brown to sue the
voters because he doesn't like the voters' decision on election day.
And Ron Sims will finance his 'O.J. Simpson dream team' of lawyers using
OUR tax dollars. Regarding public trust, politicians and government
have buried themselves in a hole and Ron Sims and Sound Transit are only
digging that hole even deeper."

"Ron Sims' decision to sue the voters and to block voter-approved $30
tabs will only pour gasoline on the fire of enthusiasm for I-800."

* Under I-800, taxes or fees can be increased two ways:

1) a 3/4 legislative supermajority if enacted by the legislative
body (legislature, county council, city council, town council)
2) a legislative majority if referred to the voters for approval

* The retroactive clause of I-800 has been replaced by a revote
requirement. Any tax or fee increase enacted prior to the effective
date of I-800 will be required to be voted on again in 2004.

A short description of I-800: I-800 would require towns, cities,
counties, and state government to obtain three-fourths legislative
approval or voter approval for tax and fee increases and would require a
revote on increases enacted prior to I-800's effective date.

Regards, Tim Eyman, ph: 425-493-9127, email: insignia@greekwatch.com

Voters Want More Choices I-800 · PO Box 18250 · Spokane · WA · 99228


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