House Passes 15 Resources Bills by Unanimous Consent

November 15, 2002

From: Mail_Resources_Republicans (House Resources Committee)

Includes North American Wetlands Conservation and Revision of NOAA

Washington, D.C. - The House this morning approved 15 Resources bills by
unanimous consent. Included in the list were bills that designate
wilderness, protect wildlife, and enhance navigation safety and efficiency.

The action is as follows:

1. H RES 591: (Blunt) National Park Service Design Commission

2. H J RES 117: (Roemer) John Adams Memorial Siting

3. HR 3747: (Inslee) Bainbridge Island Study

4. HR 3955: (Acevedo-Vila) Caribbean Forest Wilderness

5. HR 4750: (Farr) Big Sur Wilderness

6. HR 4883: (Don Young) Hydrographic Services (amended with following bills)

* HR 4882 (Young) NOAA Corps

* HR 1989 (Gilchrest) Various Fisheries Laws

* HR 642 (Gilchrest) Chesapeake Bay office of NOAA

* HR 5498 (Woolsey) Transfer of NOAA lab

7. HR 5097: (Donna Christensen) Salt River Bay Park Boundary

8. HR 5512: (Dunn) Mount Rainier Boundary Adjustment (with an amendment)

9. HR 5513: (Hayworth) Yavapai Indians Land Exchange (with amendment)

10. S. 990: (Bob Smith) Pittman-Roberts Wildlife Conservation (amended with
following bills)

* HR 3322 (Hansen) Bear River Bird Refuge Visitor's Center

* HR 3958 (Hansen) Bear River Bird Refuge Claims Settlement

* HR 4044 (Gilchrest) Nutria Eradication

* HR 4807 (Gilchrest) Blackwater Nat'l Wildlife Refuge

* HR 5535 (Kaptur) Lake Erie Wildlife Refuge

* HR 3937 (Duncan Hunter) Ciobola Wildlife Refuge

* S. 2897 (Jeffords) Conservation of Marine Turtles

11. S. 1226: (Campbell) POW / MIA Flag at Memorials

12. S. 1907: (Gordon Smith) Haines, Oregon Land Exchange

13. S. 1946: (Campbell) Old Spanish Trail

14. S. 2017: (Campbell) Indian Financing Act (amended with following bills)

* HR 1946 (Rehberg) Rocky Boy Water System

* HR 2408 (Osborne) Yankton Sioux Tribe

* HR 2742 (Carson) Native American Museum

* HR 2880 (Watkins) Indian Electric Transmission (part of 5-nation bill)

* HR 3223 (T. Udall) Jicarilla Water Project

* HR 3476 (Issa) Pechanga Indians

* HR 3534 (Carson) Arkansas Riverbed Indian Settlement

* HR 4853 (Wexler) Seminole Tribe Land Leasing

* HR 4938 (Osborne) Santee Sioux Tribe

* HR 5108 (Mike Thompson) Yurok Leases

15. H.R. 3908: (Hansen) Reauthorization of North American Wetlands
Conservation Act (sent over by the Senate).


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