S-990 - The Condemnation and Relocation Act (CARA): The Immediate Threat to Property Rights

November 16, 2002

By Alan Caruba
posted on Sierra Times

Americans are at risk of losing the keystone of our economy, their
property rights. The Condemnation and Relocation Act (CARA) is on the fast
track through Congress as the Senate prepares to adjourn in a week. CARA,
S-990, is being shepherded toward a vote and, unless Americans contact their
Senators now, it is likely to pass as a previously version did -- in the dead
of night on nothing more than a voice vote.
S-990 will permit the seizure of private property and provide funding
to extremist environmentalists and animal rights advocates, as well as $25
million to foreign nations for land acquisition.

More than 40% of the landmass of the United States is already owned by
the Federal and State governments. Anyone's property can now be condemned
and purchased to advance the extremist environmental plan to return more
than 50% of this nation's landmass to "wilderness," prohibiting any use of
its natural resources and all human habitation.

The history of this discredited legislation began just four days
before last Christmas when the Senate approved it at 11:45 PM with only three
Senators present. There was no debate, no hearings on the bill, and no vote.
It was given life by nothing more than the "unanimous consent." It has
languished for eleven months.

Now, the House of Representatives, on November 15, voting at 2:23 AM,
have given it new life. Again, there was no debate, no hearings, and no
vote, just the "unanimous consent" of that chamber, emptied because nearly
all Representatives had gone home. The House is now out of session, but the
Senate will remain in session for one more week until November 2lst.

S-990 adds a new category to the Endangered Species Act. It is called
"species at risk" and proposes to provide $150 million per year to
"environmental organizations." There is, in addition, no prohibition on
animal rights groups who would receive funding to pursue their agenda to
destroy property rights through the use of the ESA.

It would provide $50 million per year to States for what it calls
"cooperative conservation" for the purpose of "property acquisition."
Another $50 million is allocated to acquiring "shrub and grasslands." No
one's home, ranch or farm is safe!

If the future of this nation, its Constitution protection of private
property, and its economy means anything to you, contact your Senator today.
There's only a week left to defeat this ultimate threat to America.

Copyright, Alan Caruba, 2002

Alan Caruba is the founder of The National Anxiety Center, a
clearinghouse for information about media-driven scare campaigns. The Center
maintains an Internet site at www.anxietycenter.com. where he writes a weekly
column, "Warning Signs."

He is also the author of "A Pocket Guide to Militant Islam" and "The United
Nations Vs. The United States," another pocket guide available from the
Internet site of The National Anxiety Center.


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