Scorecard Released - Champions Named - Voter group releases Senate & Housing 'scoring' index

November 1, 2002

The League of Private Property Voters (LPPV) today released its fourteenth
annual Congressional Vote Index, "scoring" all Senators and House members
as it has done for each session of Congress since 1989.

Based on twenty key votes in support of private property rights and
multiple use of federal lands, LPPV named 43 Champions and 39 Enemies in
the Senate,
and 121 Champions and 149 Enemies in the House of Representatives.
Champions are listed below. The complete Vote Index is available on

Votes scored included defending farmers use of water in the Klamath Basin,
multiple use of national monuments, opposing environmental pork grant money
and increased land acquisition funding, supporting firefighting funding in
national forests, and elimination of the estate tax, which is a huge hurdle
that family businesses face in keeping private land in family hands.

LPPV is a coalition of more than 600 grassroots organizations that advocate
the rights of property owners, including farmers, ranchers, woodlot owners,
residents of rural communities, owners of recreational property, and
inholders of private property within and adjacent to federal lands. It
also includes off-road vehicle owners, equestrians, snowmobilers, hunters and
recreational shooters, grazers, foresters and miners who make productive
use of federal lands.

"I encourage everyone to thank our Champions, and to make sure that both
our friends and enemies get all the credit they deserve," said LPPV Chairman
Chuck Cushman.


For a complete analysis of the votes and to see how each Senator and
Representative voted on each issue ranked in the 2002 Private Property
Congressional Vote Index, go to >> <<

For more information or to add your name along with the many other
organizations and individuals who are sponsoring the Vote Index, send an
e-mail with "Sponsor" in the Subject line to: or call
(360) 687-2741.

Some examples of co-sponsors are:

Alaska Miners Association
American Forest Resource Council
American Land Rights Association
American Policy Center
Black Hills Multiple-Use Coalition
California Forestry Association
Conservative Caucus Foundation
Constitution Political Action Committee
Eastern Oregon Mining Association
Landowners Association of North Dakota
Lumbermen's Association of Texas
Multiple-Use Association
Nevada Farm Bureau
Oregonians for Food and Shelter
Property Rights Foundation of America
Resource Development Council
South Dakota Women in Timber
Virginians for Property Rights
Washington Contract Loggers Association
Washington Property Rights Alliance
Western States Ground Water Alliance
Wyoming Farm Bureau

There are lots more organizations and individuals as Sponsors.

SENATE "CHAMPIONS" (43 of 100 Senators total)
Score of 80% or higher on LPPV Vote Index
2002 League of Private Property Voters (LPPV) Vote Index:

Allard CO
Allen VA

Bennett CO
Bond MO
Brownback KS
Bunning KT
Burns MT

Campbell CO
Cochran MS
Craig ID
Crapo ID

DeWine OH
Domenici NM
Ensign NV
Enzi WY
Frist TN
Gramm TX
Grassley IA
Gregg NH

Hagel NE
Hatch UT
Helms NC
Hutchinson AR
Hutchison TX

Inhofe OK
Kyl AZ
Lott MS
Lugar IN
McConnell KT
Murkowski AK
Nickles OK
Roberts KS

Santorum PA
Sessions AL
Shelby AL
Smith , Bob NH
Smith , Gordon OR
Stevens AK

Thomas WY
Thompson TN
Thurmond SC
Warner VA
Voinovich OH

HOUSE "CHAMPIONS" (121 of 435 Congressmen total)
Score of 80% or higher on LPPV Vote Index
2002 League of Private Property Voters (LPPV) Vote Index

Aderholt AL
Akin MO
Armey TX

Ballenger NC
Bartlett MD
Barton TX
Bereuter NE
Berry AR
Bilirakis FL
Blunt MO
Boehner OH
Bonilla TX
Boozman AR
Brown, H SC
Bryant TN
Burton IN
Buyer IN

Cantor VA
Chabot OH
Collins GA
Combest TX
Cox CA
Crenshaw FL
Cubin WY
Culberson TX
Cunningham CA

Davis, Jo Ann VA
Deal GA
DeLay TX
DeMint SC
Doolittle CA
Dunn WA
Dreier CA

Emerson MO
Flake AZ
Forbes VA
Fossella NY

Gallegly CA
Gibbons NV
Goode, VA
Goodlatte VA
Graham SC
Granger TX
Graves MO

Hall, Ralph TX
Hastings WA
Hayworth AZ
Herger CA
Hilleary TN
Hobson OH
Hoekstra MI
Hostettler IN
Hulshof MO
Hunter CA
Hyde IL

Issa CA
Istook OK
Jenkins TN
Johnson, Sam TX
Keller FL
Kerns IN
Kingston GA
Knollenberg MI
Kolbe AZ

Latham IA
Lewis, Jerry CA
Lewis, Ron KT
Linder GA
Lucas, F OK

Manzullo IL
McKeon CA
Miller, Dan FL
Miller, Gary CA
Miller, J FL
Moran, J KS
Myrick NC

Nethercutt WA
Northup KT
Nussle IA
Osborne NE
Ose CA
Otter ID
Oxley OH

Paul, Ron TX
Pence IN
Peterson, J PA
Pitts PA
Pombo CA
Pryce OH
Putnam FL

Regula OH
Reynolds NY
Riley AL
Rogers, Hal KT
Rogers, Mike MI
Rohrabacher CA
Royce CA
Ryan WI
Ryun KS

Sensenbrenner WI
Sessions TX
Shadegg AZ
Sherwood PA
Shimkus IL
Simpson ID
Skeen NM
Smith, L TX
Smith, Nick MI
Stenholm TX
Stearns FL
Stump AZ
Schaffer CO

Taylor, C NC
Tanner TN
Terry NE
Thomas, Bill CA
Thornberry TX
Thune SD
Tiberi OH
Tiahrt KS
Toomey PA

Walden OR
Wamp TN
Watkins OK
Watts OK
Weldon FL
Wicker MS
Wilson, H NM
Wilson, J SC

Young, CW FL

For more information, contact Mike Hardiman 202-251-3473.


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