“Run Dino Run”--- WA State GOP urges Rossi to run for governor

By Lois Krafsky-Perry   
Citizen Review   
Friday, October 12, 2007

Seatac, WA---“Stay tuned to---God bless,” touted Dino Rossi as he ended his speech and strode from the stage October 10, at the Doubletree Hotel. Approximately 650 guests gathered for the 30th Annual Republican Dinner, which was billed as, “Run, Dino Run”.  Chairman of the party Luke Esser facilitated the event.

Tributes were made to the late Jennifer Dunn and Norm Maeleng.  Jennifer’s son  Regan  expressed a tribute to Jennifer Dunn, former U.S House of Representatives.  Mike McGavick later gave special recognition to Norm Maeleng, former King County Prosecutor.  The two beloved politicians recently passed away and as was expressed, “will be greatly missed by everyone.”

Governor Sonny Purdue of Georgia spoke to the enthusiastic group. “I think it’s your time,” declared Purdue, as he noted his win in Georgia, which brought diverse change after 135 years. He then listed the many accomplishments after his election. “They wanted a better Georgia.  They wanted a better future. I wanted it better for my children and grandchildren,” said Purdue, who is chair of 22 Republican U.S. governors.

Purdue tickled the ears of the attendees with comments such as: I will look forward to coming back in 2008 and celebrate with Dino Rossi; Dino Rossi can sell it, and Dino--- I’m here putting my name on the line for you, we need you, you can make a difference in Washington and 21 other governors could say the same thing.”

As Rossi was introduced and approached the stage, he was met with enthusiastic applause and loud chants, “run Dino run”.

“This is amazing, all my friends are here tonight--- everyone is here tonight, God bless you,” answered Rossi.

The celebrated speaker said, “Republicans are announcing me as a candidate because they want me to run again and the Democrats want to beat up on me.” He then stated the press beat up on Rocky, too.

Rossi introduced his wife, Terry and said she declared there would be no talk of governor until the garage is cleaned. He said he has the support of his four children, ages six to sixteen.

“If we decide to do this again, what kind of future do we want for Washington State?  I can’t do this by myself,” declared Rossi.  He gave an illustration of himself on a diving board, preparing to dive into a pool of water. “It looks like the pool is filling up,a with you folks out there,” teased Rossi.

He stated it is not about him.  It is about what kind of a state we want our children and grandchildren to have.  “We have to do a little more than last time,” declared Rossi. He noted some statistics from his previous run and declared, “your effort made the difference.  Stay tuned to---God bless.” Rossi then left the stage.




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