It is time for new leadership

    Editorial by Lois Krafsky-Perry 
    for Citizen Review   

    October 24, 2007

    Washington State - For $48 million this next year, Governor Christine Gregoire and her cohorts plan to “restore” Puget Sound.  Who foots the bill?  The taxpayers, of course.
    As her players think globally and act locally, the push is on for more grant money.  Translation: Your tax dollars! 

    Many think Dino Rossi ( R ), a probable gubernatorial candidate in 2008, can straighten out much of the waste of taxpayers’ money at the state level. This is why many folks are encouraging him to run for the office. Cutting waste in spending is a great way to go these days, especially with money grower tighter by the minute! (See When and if Rossi is elected, it is predicted there will be major changes for the better, with the management of our tax dollars.

    As local races heat up, we need to fasten our eyes on Clallam County.  Especially when the subject hits so close to home. 

    Bob Forde  (R)  Sequim is running against eight-year incumbent Steve Tharinger (D)  Dungeness for Clallam County Commissioner. 

    Forde, a husband, father and grandfather, is concerned about the future of his family as well as other families in the county.  Forde is an elected to Clallam County Conservation District board supervisor, and serves on the local Farm Bureau board.  He wants to cut the waste in spending and protect private property owners from the many often excessive regulations pitted against them----what they own and on which they pay their taxes.

    Forde has become the brunt of the liberal news media and the heat is on his campaign, as will be focusing on Rossi, as well.

    Tharinger chairs the Dungeness River Management Team (DRMT) and sits on many diverse boards, including the Salmon Recovery Funding Board (SRFB) with William Ruckelshaus, who chairs that board.

    At a recent event in Blyn, Ruckelshaus helped pitch the plan for this part of the northwest. Ruckelshaus and Tharinger call it, “restoration” efforts for our area and want to show the world what can be done.

    Ruckelshaus calls for partnerships and also holding the government accountable by issuing “report cards” on environmental restoration projects. Who issues those reports and what are the consequences will be witnessed later. 

    Tharinger appears to be fastened to the hip of Ruckelshaus, who is making statements such as; property rights complicate matters and states that it is hard to convince a landowner to change the way his land is managed.

    The question could be asked, who elected Ruckelshaus to sit on the throne over landowners and make the decisions for them, which they have been making for themselves for generations? Perhaps he needs some help. 

    Charging to the scene is Tharinger, who has decided to try to become a hero for our valley. Tharinger who hails from Hennepin County in Minnesota, wants to change the way we live in Clallam County.  His record shows that his love is more taxes for us local folks and applying for grant money, which he appears to think is free money.

    The “Think Globally/Act Locally” folks are at work, but our citizenry is waking up and getting involved in protecting our own turf.

    This is why it is important to vote for someone like Dino Rossi for Governor and Bob Forde for District 1, Clallam County Commissioner.



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