"Terri Lights" Shine Bright - Nationwide!

October 18, 2003

Gathered by Julie Kay Smithson, a friend of Terri's, like so many more 'out


'From the great Atlantic Ocean to the wide Pacific shore,' the song says.

Candles are burning tonight in windows across America, for Terri Schindler Schiavo and her family. Please add your lights and let them shine bright!

From the Lighters:

Tennessee's Mom Vickie: Just a thought, but maybe if some reporter friend could get it started somewhere, everyone on Terri's, and her family's side, in the Nation, that can't go down there, could light a candle in their window each night for her. Right now people can buy those electric candles they put out for Christmas, that what I'm using here in Tennessee, and don't have to worry about a fire.

Ohio's Jacque: Mine are getting lit in the windows right now, as well as a
long burning contained prayer candle so that everyone who comes into my home will know what it is for. In fact, I will label it. Thanks for the idea. Pass it on! Light your candles and say your prayers. God is bigger than this mess! There is a prayer candle burning in Ohio...

Ohio's Julie: I certainly shall pass it on, with a prayer of thanksgiving to
both you and Vickie in Tennessee! My Ohio candelabras are in the window!

Ohio's Toledo 91: National Candle Vigil in Solidarity with Terri ... Let's
light up the night for Terri! Put your "Terri Light" in the window and keep it
burning. It will remind you to say a prayer for Terri ... and it may add others
to this mighty army of prayer warriors that cherish life and innocence!

California's EEPACINC: I will put a candles in the window of my house and pass the word along to everyone I know. I will also try to get a hold of some local radio stations out here in the SF Bay area to spread the word. I will do my best.

Indiana's Bee: candles in the window of my house ... AND INDIANA...

Florida's Cecelia: I'm in Florida ... we have candles too ... we call them
"Terri Lights" Put your "Terri Light" in your window, your love for life to show!

California's Jayne: My "Terri Lights" are on in Santa Clarita, California,
praying desperately for the life of Terri.

Please email me with your name and state and tell me that you've lit a candle for Terri. God bless you!






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