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Jim Buck Accuses House Democrat Leadership of Breach of Trust

by Jim Buck

Oct. 27, 2006

The Harry Truman Fund, the Political Action Committee for House Democrat leadership, today mailed a piece attacking Jim Buck for missing 100 votes and having a poor attendance record. What they failed to remember is that Speaker Chopp and the Chief Clerk excused Representative Buck from legislative activities on March 9, 10, 15 and 16 of 2005 while he was under a doctor’s care for a respiratory infection. There was no absence and the email traffic detailing his illness between his office and House leadership is on the record.

Representative Buck returned to legislative duties on March 17 and in accordance with the rules of the house placed an entry in the Journal of the House showing how he would have voted on each bill. None of his votes changed the outcome of any of the bills and the documents are part of the public record.

“I am outraged that Speaker Chopp would allow his PAC to use the illness of a member as a campaign issue,” said Buck. “Over the years house members on both sides of the aisle have encountered illnesses and the courtesy and decorum of the institution has always risen of above partisanship as members helped each other get well. On occassion, Republicans have even cast votes for Democrats who were sick and could not be present. This is a serious breach of trust.”

“Speaker Chopp and his PAC have engaged in cheap campaign stunt that is sure to chill relations between house members in the future.”

“But the most unfortunate outcome of this incident is that my constituents have been lied to by the political professionals in Olympia that they are supposed to trust in an attempt to sway an election. I demand the Speaker set the record straight and apologize to people of the 24th Legislative District.”



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