"Voluntary" NAIS is Coming

By Ellen Verell
for eco-logic/Powerhouse

September 08, 2007

National Animal Identification System, NAIS, has been billed by USDA as a "voluntary" plan for identifying all domestic animals and registering the "premises" on which they live. Substitute the word "property" for "premises" and you get the idea.

A nation, whose leaders claim they cannot trace twelve million illegal aliens walking around in plain sight, now claims it has the capacity to register and track hundreds of millions of domestic animals, their owners, and their locations! They can even track said animals when they relocate to a new owner's property. How? With a three-step program.

This "voluntary" registration system is now found to be mandatory in Colorado, where 4-H members and their parents are told they cannot sell their prize animal projects at the State Fair unless they are registered through NAIS. So much for the "voluntary" myth!

No matter where you live or what you do for a living, whether you're a 4-H or FFA parent, a rancher, farmer, recreationist, pet owner, or other, you should pay close attention to the battle for property rights and freedom being fought right now in Colorado. Your state is next.

When 4-H kids are used as a wedge to implement a "voluntary" program, who can believe that the accumulated database will be used only by the state veterinarian in case of a disease outbreak, or by "homeland security" to prevent spread of disease?

Our citizens and animals are not in need of this three-step plan that the USDA pitches as a "must-have." Deception runs rife throughout this Act, from language deception - "Voluntary" - to "premises registration for trace-back" and more.

NAIS is a ruse and a moneymaker for those receiving taxpayer dollars by the bushel, disguised as "grant funding." Do you want all your animals, your pets, and their location listed in a database that will be accessible by thousands of government employees?

NAIS is coming to your county soon. Eventually, it will include the third step, RFID, Radio Frequency Identification, already up and running in England. Won't that be fun! Animal owners, are you ready?

Have you told your Congressman and Senators what you think of this plan?


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