Olympic Peninsula Fred Thompson Presidential Team Organizes Rapidly

News Release

September 11, 2007

Clallam County, WA - Last week, within its first two days, the Fred Thompson campaign in Clallam County amassed nearly 100 supporters, who endorsed the gentleman's candidacy for president. Please contact Ryan Kent Smith, Washington Regional Volunteer Coordinator, for more info about Fred Thompson for President: SaveFreedom@gmail.com .

Friends of Fred Thompson, Inc.

Smith, who worked for the Senator Phil Gramm and Steve Forbes presidential campaigns, in addition to numerous local and state political races, indicated that endorsements for Fred Thompson are coming fast and furious, "... rolling in at a rate I haven't witnessed in other campaigns, for so early in the race especially. From the first day, when I spoke with people, many were telling me why the country needs Fred before I could get a word in edgewise. It's great, just like forget-me-nots... this news is spreading without any use of fertilizer.  He doesn't mince words," he said.

Currently managing the Jim McEntire campaign for Port of Port Angeles Commissioner, a non-partisan position, Smith is encouraged to see how many Independent voters and moderate-to-conservative Democrats support Fred Thompson's candidacy.  "I hope that Fred continues building support among that middle swath of Americans, whom are neither Democrat nor Republican.  Having worked with Jim McEntire's and (Washington State Lands Commissioner) Doug Sutherland's campaigns, I find it rather fun to talk with Democrats who say they love this candidate.  Not being too partisan, makes my job easier and I'm convinced a straight-talking, yet diplomatic attitude helps with most voters."

Currently, plans are being made to arrange a Fred Thompson event on the Olympic Peninsula.  Few presidential candidates in history have invested time campaigning in the Olympic Northwest.  "We are doing our best to facilitate just that," Smith said, without yet guaranteeing a Peninsula calendar date for Thompson.  "The Olympic Peninsula deserves some attention from the next president, and Fred has a lot of ideas that will help out here, with his focus on American competitiveness and conservation without tossing our private property rights to the wind."

Clallam County supporters include:

Dave Cummins
Amanda Lynne Bacon
Marguerite Glover
Jim McEntire
Tom Santos
Dick Hendry
James Waltenburg
Teri Schwiethale
Col. Don Roberts
Sam McClellan
Terry Roth
Sue and Bob Forde
Andy and Haroldine Nisbet
Beth Schleve (Olympic Women for Fred Thompson)
Leah Blair (Olympic Youth for Fred Thompson)

Ryan Kent Smith (Regional Volunteer Coordinator for Fred Thompson)

# # #

"I believe there are more instances of the abridgement of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations."
(James Madison)
Ryan Kent Smith
Regional Volunteer Coordinator, FRIENDS OF FRED THOMPSON



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