About Bud & Pat Johansen...

It seems the “author” of the letter writer about Bob Forde, which was full of inaccuracies and led to a false conclusion, Wilford W. “Bud” Johansen, is apparently a well-heeled Democrat from California.  He was the Director for Region 21 in Los Angeles, CA until 1984 and an attorney.  (See information, click here.)

His wife Patricia was the Democratic Political Action chair where they previously lived in Palm Desert, California before moving to Sequim.

Here’s what she said in The Desert Democrat newsletter:

“SO….Bud and I have decided to visit our curse on another community. Many of you have heard that we will be moving to Sequim, Washington, in the next month or two. We will be joining George Frandsen, DOD‘s former Fundraising VP and ACLU chair, and other friends who find the water and the snow-capped mountains compelling.

“Democrats in this Valley [Palm Desert, California] have come a long way since I arrived here in 1996. I like to believe that I played a small part in the emergence of a diverse and viable progressive community. I know, however, that we are not as strong as we could be. In almost every election cycle we find a way to make life difficult for our candidates œ promoting narrow agendas and missing opportunities to unify and show our true power. It is my most sincere wish that all the energy that is swirling out there will be captured and tamed. I hope for unselfish, creative and coalescing leadership that will build a truly mature, unified and successful Party. I know the talent is there.” (Nov/Dec 2005) Click here for website.