County commissioners' action against the people 
shows their contempt of the voters
a letter to Clallam County Commissioners from King County

Date: Tue, 04 Sep 2001 21:19:14 -0700
Attn: County Commissioner Steve Tharinger
      County Commissioner Mike Doherty
      members of the Press & other interested parties

Dear Commissioners Tharinger & Doherty,

I have been following the developments of your actions to bar Initiative 6 from the ballot (

Your actions are outrageous, attempting to bar the lawful placement of an Initiative on the ballot, as prescribed by the State Constitution & the Clallam County Charter/Constitution. Your grotesque use of the Courts to slap down a lawful Initiative of the People demonstrates your contempt for those you claim to represent.

I will support the defense of Initiative 6 with my personal funds, and any action by the People to remove you from office in a recall action, or at your next election. Your abuses of MY State Constitution are sickening. You no longer deserve to represent the People in any capacity.

I will advise the State Central Committee of the Libertarian Party of Washington to financially support the defense of Initiative 6 to be placed on the ballot.


Cary Thomas, Chairman
West King County Libertarian Party
Seattle, WA

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