What is the Clallam County Home Rule Charter?

“Home Rule” itself explains Clallam County’s Home Rule Charter. This local constitution is an opportunity to give the local people of the county the ability to make grass-root decisions, rather than requiring state legislation from Olympia.

The charter closely follows the present system of government with three Commissioners, who are elected from three districts. That commission exercises the legislative and executive powers of the county. The Sheriff, Treasurer, Auditor, and Assessor, Prosecuting Attorney, and Judges are also elected. The charter also calls for the hiring of an Administrator to assist the Commissioners in the administrative procedures of the county as the Commissioners may direct.

Initiative, referendum, min-initiative, and recall are special powers reserved to the people through the charter.

Increased local control over our government and increased local involvement in that government by its citizens is provided for by the Clallam County Home Rule Charter.

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