Cougars Stroll through the Show-Me State

September 18, 2003

By Wanda Benton
Salem, Missouri

'Had a cougar stroll by, within 300 feet of my bay window, about 8:30 PM
three years

Big ... ugly ... looked like it was an old one.

Was in no hurry ... didn't even look toward the house.

Went from one section of our woods, through a clearing and disappeared into another section.

I went through the roof ... there were newborn calves all over the place,
plus horses and dogs waiting to be eaten.

It must have been full ... didn't eat anybody.

Previous owner told us that one screams around here at night occasionally.

Nothing new to my neighbors ... they just said to "shoot, shovel and shut

Our Missouri Conservation Dept. denies their existence, of course.

Others tell me that the department kinda "helps" the cougars find their way
into our woods here...


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