County to consider residential zoning changes

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Clallam County, WA - The Clallam County Planning Commission is going to consider a proposed zoning change that could eventually lead to higher density residential zones in the lands contained within the Port Angeles Urban Growth Area.

The amendments would effect four definite zones, from Very Low Density to Urban Moderate Density.

Presently those zones require a maximum parcel size of 21, 500 square feet. The proposed changes would maintain that standard, but would allow property owners to carve off one additional lot from those parcels, as long as the lot is designed and dedicated to be capable of further subdivision at a later date.

If approved, the change could eventually help with the “build out” of residential areas in the Port Angeles Urban Growth Area as the population grows in the coming decades. But it could also open the door to greater densities than presently exist.

The planning commission will take public comments on the proposed residential zoning change at its meeting next Wednesday evening at the courthouse, starting at 6:30pm.


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