Purchase of Development Rights

9/20/05 - n Clallam County, Washington, there will be a Proposition 1 on the ballot, proposing to charge buyers of real estate a 1/2% of the selling price to be placed into a county fund for the purpose of purchasing development rights in the county. Following is information gleaned from other areas about the subject. The Citizen Review Online will be accepting articles and letters regarding this issue until the election takes place.

Where the planners are coming from with the idea - see article in San Diego Earth Times (2001) - General Plan 2020: Request for working models)

Are You Asking the Right Questions about Conservation Easements or Purchased Development rights? by Ric Frost for eco-logic/powerhouse

Development Rights Market or Transfer of Developments - They're Still A "Other People's Money" Scheme! from Michigan Assoc. of Home Builders, posted on the Citizen Review Online on 9/17/03

Transferrable development rights - see Trading Places Is your mansion too cramped? Aspen has a plan.

Type "who gets purchased development rights?" into Google, and see all the towns and counties which are implementing this idea.


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